Attic design - making a dream come true

Attic design is not an easy task. But, knowing some simple design techniques and taking into account the peculiarities of different styles, you can create a beautiful and truly professional interior.

The influence of architecture on the design and interior of the attic

Install unusual shelving, cabinets or shelves along the walls

Most often, the attic is a large, bright room with a complex architecture. Walls can be both vertical and located with some inclination relative to the floor. Inclined walls, of course, narrow the space and complicate the furnishing process, but with a skillful approach, this can be perfectly beaten and made the highlight of your room.

Place unusual shelving, cabinets, or shelves along the walls. With the help of such furniture, you will straighten the walls and get convenient storage places or showcases for your favorite little things. The material for the shelves can be wood, plastic and even glass. Open transparent shelving will make the interior modern and give it lightness. But glass shelving should only be used if you have opted for styles such as Scandinavian or minimalism.

Video about attic interior design

If you purchased a ready-made house with an attic, then it is no longer possible to influence either the size of the windows or the location relative to the cardinal points. As well as the height of the ceilings. A ceiling that is too low is a problem that will only be exacerbated by painting it dark. Most often, such a mistake is made when creating an attic design in a wooden house. The plank ceiling covered with dark stain overhangs, crushing and spoiling the room as a whole. But it is worth painting the ceiling boards white and the problem will be solved. There are other design tricks that can fix architectural flaws.

Low ceilings will be visually raised by spot lighting. Small lamps on a rod or chaotically hung from the ceiling illuminate it well, making it always bright. The central chandelier, no matter how beautiful it is, will illuminate the walls and floor. The ceiling will remain shaded and visually appear even lower. A small room, along the perimeter of the ceiling of which spotlights are located, again seems to be higher.

Low ceilings will be visually raised by spot lighting

If you are building your dream home to your own design, make windows that are built into the roof. Of course, they are more expensive, because they have completely different technical characteristics. But skylights let in so much light and air that creating an attic design and interior becomes a simple task.

Small windows make the room poorly lit, so think about lighting at the stage of sketching the future room. Decide in advance where the lamps, sconces, floor lamp will be - this will save you from reworking the electrical wiring in the future.

When choosing the color of the walls, remember which side of the world the windows face. If the northern attic is done in cold colors, you will get a kind of refrigerator, and not a cozy room of your dreams. All shades of blue, light blue and white are cold. On the other hand, white perfectly expands the space. And bright color accents will help make a small white room cozier.

A few more words about the room with windows to the north. Do not paint the walls saturated colors. Tobacco, burgundy, herbal, terracotta will make an already dark room even more gloomy.

When choosing the color of the walls, remember which side of the world the windows face

In the attic, you can organize any room - a bedroom, a nursery, an office, a home theater and even a gym. Based on this, a decision is made on the style in which it will be framed. The attic has the right to stand out from the general style of the house. It is always perceived as a special, separate room. So even in a classic house, a children's room under the roof can be made in a country style. In a respectable classic style, you can arrange an office under the roof. A Scandinavian style is well suited for a restroom.

Country style for attic decoration

Country, Mediterranean and Provence styles are perhaps the most intimate. These are the so-called tactile styles in the interior. If you like textiles and plaster, wooden furniture and antiques, and the attic should accommodate a bedroom, nursery or living room - this is your option.

Let's start with the walls. All of the styles listed welcome rough white painted plaster. Ceiling beams, such a frequent design element of the attic in the country, are made white, or give them the color of old wood. Note that in the case of beams with preserved wood color, dark wood is also present in the furniture. Not all furniture in the room has to be like this. A pair of Viennese chairs will suffice.

It is easiest to create an attic design with your own hands in country style. After all, hand-made things perfectly fit into it, for example, your grandmother's embroidered tablecloth. You can find a linen curtain or an old jug in your own shed or at a flea market. By adding a little lace or chintz, you can add romance to the room.

It is easiest to create an attic design with your own hands in country style.

We have already said that the walls must be white. But this is not a dogma. If this option seems too monotonous to you, cover one of the walls with wallpaper with cute floral or floral designs. It is important not to overdo it with the pattern, so as not to turn the room into a craft box. A room looks beautiful, in which part of the walls are covered with wallpaper, and part is painted in a suitable pastel color.

Attic design in a classic style

A classic style is ideal for an office or a rest room. He is respectable and elegant. In the classic style, there is no place for flashy colors and pretentious details. This style always emphasizes the good taste and consistency of the owner of the house.

Furniture is the most important component of a classic style. There may not be a lot of it, but it should be of high quality. If the size of the room allows, you can use furniture made of noble wood species. Carving, brass handles, expensive fabric upholstery - these are the distinctive features of classic furniture. Ivory or baked milk furniture will work well in a small room.

When creating an attic in a classic style, keep symmetry in mind. For example, if your attic has columns, this is what you need for a classic style. But if the columns are not symmetrical, you can fix the situation with furniture. Arrange large furniture, a sofa, a bookcase, and a desk so that the room is visually symmetrical. The columns themselves should be rounded or ribbed.

When creating an attic in a classic style, keep symmetry in mind.

For the walls, we select discreet and elegant colors - olive, cream, gray-blue. You can also use wallpaper with a pattern, but, again, without a bright multicolored pattern. The strict vertical stripe fits well with this style and visually raises the ceiling. The ceiling itself can be neither wooden nor colored. Only white!

A modern look at the classic style allows for the absence of a chandelier and curtains. If the windows are inclined, as is often the case in the attic, additional rods have to be used under the window for curtains and curtains. The absence of a chandelier is perfectly compensated by an elegant table lamp or sconce.

Flashy color combinations, sharp contrasts, bold ideas are not used in classicism. The room should be conducive to relaxation or convey the restrained atmosphere of the study.

Scandinavian style

If you love simplicity and functionality, laconicism combined with bright color details - stop at the Scandinavian style. This style has several interesting features.

Firstly, there are no curtains in it, and in the attic we can afford it.

Secondly, communications in the form of heating batteries, pipes and wiring are left in plain sight.

The combination of functional items with soft cozy textiles is what this style is.

The ceiling, walls, and often the floor are made white. For a small room, this is a big plus. Furniture is selected modern from metal and plastic. Metal shelves, designer chairs and lamps, wall clocks of an unusual shape - these are the details that are characteristic of the Scandinavian style. There is very little wood, light or colored.

But the Scandinavian style doesn't look cold and uncomfortable. This is achieved with the help of bright pillows, multi-colored rugs and a couple of interesting colored details, such as statues and modern paintings. The combination of functional items with soft, cozy textiles is what this style is all about.

And remember, Scandinavians do not tolerate cluttered space. Whatever the size and shape of your attic, do not overload it with furniture. Leave free, full of light and air. After all, this is precisely what she is good at.

Attic video

Correctly selected lighting and colors will help expand the space, visually raise the low ceiling and create the mood we need.

Remember, there are exceptions to each rule, you can deviate from the canons of any style, the main thing is to know when to stop. Imagine, experiment and you will create your own unique attic.

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Strengths and weaknesses of transformers

Of course, the main advantages of all kinds of retractable or folding systems are their compactness, mobility, and multifunctionality. The production of mechanisms for transforming furniture is carried out, reliable, wear-resistant and durable. To this we add the following characteristics:

  • Ergonomics, ease of control thanks to return springs, gas lifts, dampers, guides
  • Fast response of mechanisms - you can change the operational purpose of an object with just a few light movements of the hand
  • Reasonable saving of free space of the room
  • Wide range of common two-in-one or three-in-one designs.

However, it is worth mentioning the vulnerabilities of the solutions in question. First of all, they relate to the main components - the mechanisms themselves, which, if used incorrectly, can quickly fail, making it impossible for the further operation of objects. It is imperative to take into account the loads on the executing links of the system, strictly follow the requirements reflected in the instructions. If we disregard the manufacturer's remarks, it is difficult to guarantee the perfect operation of any module; repairs, in turn, involve some costs and are not always possible. In some cases, you will have to buy a completely new mechanism for transforming furniture, and it takes precious time to find a suitable replacement.


It is possible to put plasterboard cladding inside the attic both to form an original appearance and to cover elements that are harmful to the appearance. Also, this material is suitable for dividing space into separate rooms by means of partitions.

Using the block house, it is possible to arrange the attic space in an ecological style or in the spirit of old Russian plots. But in order to increase the service life of the products, it is advisable to impregnate the tree with a special composition. The block house survives contact with water well and is not susceptible to mold formation.


If you sheathe the walls of the attic floor from the inside with an imitation of timber, you can easily solve three main tasks in decoration - such as creating an elegant interior, leveling the surface and masking significant defects. Like lining and fibreboard, this material retains heat well.

Outside, the most budgetary type of attic finishing is considered to be siding (if you focus on materials that are both beautiful and long-lasting that do not require complex maintenance). In the process of laying, it is required to take into account temperature fluctuations and the changes in the dimensions of structures provoked by them. To avoid mistakes when placing starting elements and connecting panels to them, it is recommended to draw up drawings as carefully as possible.

A solid competition to all these solutions is a half-log, which, after installation, must be sanded and varnished with a water-based varnish. To put such a product in an opening for a door or window, the desired configuration of the corresponding edge is given using a chainsaw. Combined finish is quite widespread., during which lining and drywall are combined, for example.

The floor on the attic tiers is best finished with laminate or other materials that ensure absolute tightness of the structure. To begin with, the rough surface is treated with special waterproofing compounds, and the intersections of the blocks are glued with a water-impermeable tape. Then 100% of the area is covered with a primer, and only then can boards or other materials selected for final finishing be laid.


Arrangement of ceilings in attics begins naturally with their insulation, while mineral and glass wool are considered the best materials. In houses that are already in use, an insulation layer is placed only inside. At the initial stage of construction, it is placed from the outside in the rafter gaps or on the crate. The outer front covering is mainly made from:

  • slate
  • flexible roof tiles
  • ondulina.

There is a much greater variety of interior decoration methods, but the decisive factor in choosing a specific option is not so much aesthetic perfection as cost.

Types of materials for finishing the attic

The arrangement of the attic floor in a private house can be performed using various materials, each of which has its own distinctive features. We offer you to get acquainted with the most common options and examples of their implementation, so that you can make a choice in favor of one of them.

Various materials can be used for decoration

Decorating the attic with clapboard

The most popular material with a unique pattern and characteristic natural texture. Decorating the attic with clapboard allows you to add a special comfort and warmth, beauty and wealth to the room.

The formed coating is unable to harm human health. To prevent decay processes, the material needs timely processing with special compounds. Installation must be carried out in compliance with certain requirements. In the absence of expansion gaps, there is a high risk of cracks or deformation of the boards.

MDF panels

When choosing this material, the purpose of the attic should be taken into account. If you plan to equip an office or a gym here, MDF panels will be a good choice. The material will add rigor to the bedroom or children's room.Having decided to give preference to MDF panels, you should additionally choose another finishing material with which they will be combined.

The popularity of MDF panels is due to:

  1. good sound and heat insulation characteristics
  2. possibility of installation without preliminary preparation of the base
  3. affordable cost
  4. wide assortment. You can always choose a material with the right texture and in the right color scheme.
  5. ease of installation work.

MDF panels should be combined with other materials

Finishing the attic with plasterboard

Availability and good performance make the material in demand when performing interior finishing work. Drywall allows you to implement complex projects with original design solutions. The assembled structure is often used as a screen for the communications to be laid.

Attention! To increase the service life of the coating being formed, it is worth giving preference to a special moisture-resistant type of drywall.

Drywall is an environmentally friendly material, easy to install, has good sound and heat insulation qualities.

The material has several disadvantages:

  1. installation of a complex structure requires special skills
  2. the formed coating is unable to withstand heavy loads
  3. deformation of sheets in case of violation of storage rules.

We offer you to see a photo of finishing the attic with plasterboard, which can become an idea for developing the design of a room.

Drywall allows you to make the walls perfectly smooth

PVC panels

PVC panels are characterized by high strength, reliability and resistance to mechanical stress. They allow you to quickly decorate the room with your own hands. Installation can be carried out in different ways: panels are glued to a smooth, even base; if there are irregularities, they are fastened to the crate.

The advantages of PVC panels include:

  1. A large assortment. Manufacturers offer material in various colors, each of which can be used to create a unique interior.
  2. Wide area of ​​use.
  3. Stability of geometric parameters.
  4. Simplicity of installation and maintenance.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting low resistance to ultraviolet radiation and low impact resistance.

The color of PVC panels is selected depending on the stylistic design

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PVC panels. In the publication, we will consider in detail the sizes of panels, areas of application, varieties, advantages and disadvantages, criteria for the right choice, average prices, an overview of popular models, advice and recommendations from specialists.

For the manufacture of OSB, whole shavings and thin chips are used. Laying is carried out in transverse layers with gluing with a composition based on formaldehyde resins. This production technology increases the moisture resistance of the material and provides high strength characteristics, which makes it possible to use slabs for covering floors, walls and ceilings.

OSB have high elasticity. With the thermal expansion of the structure, there is no need to fear the appearance of cracks. Can be mounted directly on a rafter wall or a prepared frame. Plywood overlays are used to level the formed coating.

OSB can be mounted directly on the rafter system

Block house

One of the varieties of euro lining. Using this material, you can decorate an attic in an eco-style or become the owner of a traditional Russian interior. The block house allows you to create the effect of log walls. To increase the service life of the formed coating, a special composition should be applied to all boards before the installation work, which will prevent wood rotting.

The advantages of a block house include:

  1. formation of a cladding that is safe for human health
  2. good resistance to moisture in the presence of a protective coating
  3. the possibility of creating a cozy atmosphere
  4. creation of an original, interesting design.

A photo of the attic finishing options will allow you to find an idea for subsequent implementation.

Imitation of a bar

It is often used to decorate the walls of the attic. Wooden boards, processed on both sides, have a small thickness. The grooves and grooves provided at the ends ensure a strong connection of the boards during the installation process. It is made from solid pieces of wood.

According to its characteristics, the imitation of the timber is close to the lining. Environmentally friendly material has a long service life. Easy to assemble. With the help of imitation of timber, a unique interior is created after preliminary preparation of the base.

Attic design: photo gallery of interiors in a private house

When creating an attic design in a private house, especially when it comes to a cottage made of wood, it is worth considering how exactly this space will be used and what the style of the interior will be.

Examples of successful combinations:

  1. Country style will look best in the kitchen or bedroom located on the attic floor.
  2. The bathroom and bedroom can be decorated in vintage style.
  3. The restraint of minimalism will emphasize the dignity of a nursery, study, bedroom or billiard room.
  4. Provence is suitable exclusively for kitchens and bedrooms.
  5. Eco-style is truly versatile; it has no room restrictions.
  6. Oriental and ethno style is suitable for bedrooms or for decorating a hookah room.

Photo of finishing the attic of a wooden house inside a building

The attic space is suitable for arranging rooms for various purposes:

  • dining room - it is better if a large number of windows will be present in the design of the room. It is recommended to divide the area into several zones where cooking, eating and resting will be carried out.
  • bedroom - in the matter of decoration, it is better to give preference to pastel and light shades. For greater comfort, the attic bedroom can be supplemented with a small dressing room, shower room and exit to the balcony
  • kitchen - this type of room in the attic is extremely rarely equipped. This moment is due to the fact that most of the heat that is released during the use of the stove and electrical appliances immediately goes outside through the roof, while the rooms on the ground floor remain less heated.

Wooden attic, equipped with a living room

  • nursery - this option for distributing the attic area is considered one of the most successful. The main thing is that the space is completely safe. The decoration must be made light and unobtrusive.
  • dressing room with sliding doors - this solution will free the lower floor from cabinets. Here you can also equip a small laundry and an area for drying clothes, as well as place an ironing board.
  • bathroom - usually comes as an addition to the bedroom. The decoration in this case will be similar to an ordinary room, the only difference will be the inclined plane of the ceiling.

In the attic room, you can organize a recreation area. Depending on your preferences, this can be a billiard room, home theater, a gym with exercise equipment or a winter garden. If you take into account the technical and operational characteristics of the room, the filling can be almost anything, like the decoration.

Approximate prices for country houses

When choosing an option with a frame or frame-panel house, the approximate price will be from 11 thousand rubles per square meter. The construction of a box of a wooden house will cost about 13,000 rubles. for one m2. For a building made of foam concrete blocks, you will have to pay from 15 thousand rubles. for 1 m2. Brick house - 18000 / m2. Thus, knowing the total area of ​​the designed house, it will not be difficult to calculate the final cost of construction. But that's just the cost of building walls. To this amount, it will be necessary to add funds for laying the foundation, insulation, costs for laying the roof, interior decoration of the premises.

In Moscow and the Moscow region, there is a huge number of proposals for the sale of ready-made turnkey country houses. Example: a house with dimensions width / depth / height - 6000/6000/3020 made of laminated veneer lumber is sold at a price of 367,000 rubles.

The final cost of the house depends on your preferences for choosing additional options and can double or even triple.

Attic design - decorative finish

As it became clear, the upper floor of the attic is a rather specific living space, and its geometric flaws are at the same time impressive advantages. For example, the ceiling of the attic. It is undeniable that it is simply absent in the traditional sense. But there are folds of broken beams and roofs, rafters, all kinds of arches and a domed vault.

Decorative finishing of the attic

When planning the decoration of the ceiling and walls of the attic, the first material that comes to mind is:


The interior of the attic in a wooden house - timber, frame or log, itself involves wood trim. Fortunately, there are plenty of decor elements for this:

Lining in the interior of the attic board-lining (this is exactly the option when the interior of the attic can be made with your own hands: wooden lining is a material quite affordable, which provides excellent sound and thermal insulation)

Wooden panels in the interior of the attic wooden panels (wall panels made of veneer of valuable wood species are easily mounted on any surface, even beveled and uneven) Edged board in the interior of the attic edged board (installation of the board is a rather laborious and complicated procedure, which is why this material does not cover the entire plane of the ceiling, but only some elements of the space) Wooden wallpaper in the interior of the attic wooden wallpaper (profiled wooden panels, unique in style, can be easily combined with each other) Blockhouse in the interior of the attic blockhouse (a large radius of curvature of the surface of a wooden board gives the object additional expressiveness)

Material prepared for the site

Floorboard in the interior of the attic floorboard (in the attic, it is desirable to make the floor light and cover it with glossy varnish - this will make any room in size spacious and elegant).

When finishing with natural environmentally friendly material, there is no particular need to use varnishes and paints. Since any synthetic coating in this case will only weaken the "breath of the tree". To protect against insect pests and microorganisms, the ceiling and walls can be treated with special impregnations.

It is possible to visually stretch the room with the help of a ceiling paved with a perfectly processed cut.

Ceiling decoration in the interior of the attic

Mineral fiber boards in attic design

The structure of this decorative surface in the attic finishing can have all kinds of variations - perforation, embossing, various inclusions and original texture. In the interior of a wooden attic, mineral fiber slabs are a real find. In addition to the fact that they have a huge number of useful properties (from fire safety to low weight), plates with a glossy coating increase the degree of light reflection many times over, and thereby visually expand the space of the upper floor.

Mineral fiber boards in the interior of the attic

Drywall in a beautiful attic interior

Plasterboard ceiling in the attic is an effective and inexpensive way to finish. Its small thickness has absolutely no effect on the useful area, and the final processing, which is possible with any material, only has a positive effect on the design of the structure.

Plasterboard ceiling in the attic Plasterboard ceiling in the attic

Multilevel plasterboard ceilings, with many unusual projections, ceiling beams and height differences, easily transforms the interior of the attic with a sloping roof into a grandiose beauty and originality project.

Multilevel plasterboard ceiling in the attic

Due to the specificity of this room, it is recommended to choose moisture resistant sheets of drywall for finishing. And if the installation of a fireplace is planned in the design of the attic, then it is also fireproof.

Multilevel plasterboard ceilings in the attic

With the help of plasterboard finishing on the attic floor, it is easy to organize a whole light show: place beautiful lamps in “niches”, and build diode lighting or spotlights in semicircular or trapezoidal recesses.

LED backlight for the ceiling in the attic

Tension structures - attic ceiling design

Not every plasterboard ceiling is approved for use in the attic. Certain finishes may place too much stress on the roof truss system. The same cannot be said about tension structures. They are suitable for all types of roofs: double and shed, domed and arched. It is easy to hide any communications behind them, and even after that, the ceiling surface will be flat, without recesses and drops.

Stretch ceiling in the attic

The wide artistic possibilities of stretch ceilings help to make the attic floor truly aesthetic, and somewhere even grandiose.

Stretch ceiling in the attic

All of the above finishing options are successfully combined with wallpaper, painting and plaster.

Attic floor interior design

Plastic in the interior decoration of attics

Plastic panels and facades HPL (High Pressure Laminate) are a real novelty in the field of decorative finishing. And if not long ago architects rarely included this material in the design of the attic project, today it is impossible to imagine the most spectacular interiors without HPL plastic.

Fabric in the decoration of the walls of the attic

As for modern technologies in the design of the attic, a seamless system has recently become wildly popular - draping the walls with an exquisite fabric.

The fabric on the walls, as a rule, is not used in all areas of the attic floor, but on one or two central ones that attract special attention.

Fabric in the interior of the attic

Decorative plaster - attic interior ideas

The interior decoration of the attic floor of a wooden house, as a rule, is performed either with the inclusion of wooden elements, or entirely on the basis of natural wood. But this does not mean that it is necessary to follow only this cliché.

For example, part of the attic can be sheathed with clapboard, and the rest of the room can be finished with plasterboard and painted to match the furniture and accessories in the interior design.

Decorative plaster in the interior of the attic

Wallpaper in the interior of the attic and their combination

It is not recommended to directly attach paper, textile, vinyl, acrylic and bamboo wallpapers to wood-based materials. First you need to prepare the surface: primer, putty and sanding. And then stick the stripes on a uniform wall plane.

The walls of the attic should be decorated with wallpaper in this way. To begin with, it is necessary to paste over beveled walls with wallpaper in light colors. Then paste over the other two straight walls with printed wallpaper. In this case, the floor must remain uniform.

Combination of wallpaper in the interior of the attic Combining wallpaper in the design of the attic

Large patterns and a dark color for the interior of a poorly lit, small attic should not be chosen. It is better to use white wallpaper. And you can revive such a design with the help of the delicate color of furniture and bright accessories.

Wallpaper with a large pattern in the design of the attic

If we recall the most fashionable combinations of 2014-2015, then the following combinations are especially relevant:

  • coffee and mint shades
  • wallpaper with large ornamentation in dark blue, black or dark gray and wallpaper in a shade similar to ivory
  • gray or brown linens with pale pink
  • plain blue wallpaper and wallpaper of the same color with a pattern of chocolate color.

Wallpaper in the design of the attic floor

Fireplace in the interior of the attic

To normalize the internal climate and give the under-roof space a residential look, a fireplace is often installed. The decoration of which has its own characteristics. A wide variety of materials are used in the lining of attic fireplaces: natural stone, ceramic tiles, wood, brick and drywall.

Fireplace in the attic floor design

Often they resort to an inexpensive way of decorating a fireplace - plaster. The brickwork is plastered and covered with a layer of resistant paint.

Fireplace in the interior of the attic

Attic floor design

As for the flooring of a low and small attic, there is no place for podium structures, screens and partitions. Natural linoleum, cork, parquet, solid wood - these natural materials are always welcome in the interior of the attic floor.

Rebuild your attic into an attic, and decorate the attic floor in the style you like. For inspiration and photo ideas for attic designs.

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