Drosophyllum - Carnivorous plant


Plants belonging to the genus Drosophyllum they are carnivorous plants that capture their prey by means ofVISCOUS SECRETIONS that bog down the prey. In some of them the secretion is constant while in others it occurs only in the presence of the prey.

They belong to the family of Droseraceae and they are spagnicolous species. There is only one species and it is the Drosophyllum lusitanicum which can be found in some areas of Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

There Drosophyllum it has the particularity of growing even in arid soils and alkaline aeration, which is somewhat unusual for so-called carnivorous plants.

They produce small flowers that bloom two to three times during the vegetative period and remain in bloom no more than a day and produce capsules that each contain from 5 to 15 seeds.

There Drosophyllum it has filiform leaves on which the small drops contained in the sticky substances are evident. The plant gives off a strong sweetish odor similar to honey which attracts insects which, once they come into contact with the droplets, remain impatated and then die of exhaustion or asphyxiate.

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