The syrup represents a compound that is mainly made up of water and sugar and is characterized by having an excellent taste and a great viscosity.

It is a solution that, in some cases, may contain a good amount of sucrose and can boast a concentration equal to at least 45%.

One of the main characteristics of the syrup is that of having an extremely sweet taste, which is favored by the presence and use of different polyols (such as glycerol, mannitol or sorbitol) or even by using sweeteners.

In most cases, aromatic components can be found inside the syrups or perform a flavoring activity.

Among the main characteristics of the syrups we find the fact that they can be produced in three different types: these are the solutions, ... continue

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continue ..., of emulsions and suspensions.

Inside the box containing the syrup, the dose can be administered thanks to a small teaspoon or an accessory that allows a correct measurement of the quantity that must be taken daily.

In most cases, in fact, this tool is represented by a teaspoon that is used for volumes equal to 5 milliliters or multiples.

When the syrup is taken and, in particular, during swallowing, it is good to point out that only a small part of this compound that is actually dissolved reaches the taste buds.

The remaining part (and also that which represents the highest percentage of the product) does not come into contact with the taste buds and, precisely for this reason, is not considered by our senses.

When taking those particular syrups that are defined as antitussives, the density of this compound also allows to favor the performance of a better demulcent activity towards the tissues that have been affected by a state of irritation inside throat.

Furthermore, some particular indications and prescriptions regarding the correct use of the syrup have come from the Italian Pharmacopoeia: the concentration inside it must be equal to a percentage of 66.5% w / w (in practice, the ratio between sucrose and purified water must be 665 grams to 335 grams).

The most important characteristics that characterize a syrup are represented by viscosity and specific weight.

The simple syrup is characterized by denoting an excellent level of resistance against the development of microbes also due to the limited amount of water available.

This pharmaceutical solution must always be stored inside a place where it is protected from all possible changes in temperature, which could cause a rapid crystallization of the sugar that is inside.

On several occasions, it is also possible to prepare some syrup: it is necessary, however, to follow some simple rules to obtain excellent results.

The first thing to do regarding the preparation of a simple syrup is to heat a good quantity of purified water in a common saucepan for a period of at least twenty minutes, until it comes to boil. .

Keeping a temperature of about eighty degrees centigrade, we add the sucrose, also trying to mix and shake in the best way to allow a better dilution of the sugar.

At this point, we quietly mix the mixture, in such a way as to make it more homogeneous and, moreover, we organize the filtering, when the syrup is still hot, using a funnel lined with gauze.

At this point we mix again and weigh the purified water that has been previously boiled for about twenty minutes, without making it overheat: the reason is quite simple, since sucrose falls into the category of disaccharides and can be easily hydrolyzed.

It is important that the preservation of syrups always take place inside containers that are tightly closed, kept in a place that has a normal temperature and, if it is prescribed and indicated, also stored in a dark place.

Due to the possible presence of terpene components, especially inside the syrups in which essential oils are contained, light and oxygen are elements that cause rather dangerous self-oxidation reactions.

For all those syrups that come in the form of emulsions or suspensions, however, you will always find on the label or, in any case, on the container, a particular indication that bears the writing to shake the product before using it.

The simple syrup is used for the production of different types of drugs, such as antitussives, laxatives, bitters and chemotherapy.

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