How to make a flower bed from a barrel: 5 ways

Often, a personal plot is not so large to accommodate everything that one would like to decorate it with. To break a flower bed, you need to squeeze the beds, in order to plant a new tree, you need to find a suitable place for it or thoroughly revise the entire planting plan. Is there an option when we still manage to get a full-fledged flower bed, and it does not take up much space? If you have an old but still strong enough wooden, plastic or iron barrel on your farm, consider yourself lucky. Just look at what interesting structures you can build from it.

Option # 1 - three-tier compact flower bed

We need one wooden barrel, very little space and a great desire to make something beautiful.

Agree that such a three-tiered structure attracts everyone's attention. And if you consider that this flower bed will cost you very cheaply, the value of the idea becomes even higher.

Let's prepare everything that we need to complete our plan:

  • two boards 15x150x650 mm, the length of which depends on the width of our wooden container;
  • six boards 15x100x250-300 mm, their length depends on the size of the corners of the structure;
  • power tools: drill, jigsaw and screwdriver;
  • goniometer or at least a simple school protractor;
  • screws, chalk, tape measure and twine.

The barrel should not be cracked, so that it does not fall apart at the most inopportune moment. If you have doubts about this and the container has not been in use for a long time, pour water into it, let it stand and swell a little.

The structure will be multi-tiered. In the planned version, it has three levels. To outline them, you should measure the circumference of the container with a tape measure, determine the parameters of each part and make the appropriate marks. Dividing the material with twine clearly demonstrates what exactly we should get.

Nothing complicated awaits you either at this stage or at the subsequent ones: for such work you do not need special skills. The photo shows how the measurement is carried out in inches

We measure and mark the location of the first and second levels of the structure. To do this, count down 15 cm from the top edge of the container and mark the first level. We count down another 15 cm from it - we got the parameters of the second level. Now the unnecessary parts, which are slightly less than half of the total volume, must be cut off.

We do the work slowly and very carefully. It is better to mark in advance with chalk the lines of the upcoming cut. When working with wood, you can use a standard blade. When you have to cut a metal hoop, you cannot do without a metal sheet. Guided by the location of the cutting lines, it is better to fix in advance the parts of the hoop to be cut on the container.

When doing this work, it is important not to fuss and do the job neatly. The more diligence you show, the more effective the result will be.

The extra parts have been removed. Now you have to measure the width of the barrel on the top and on the second tier. In our example, we took it equal to 650 mm. In fact, it depends on the actual parameters of our container, so you need to adjust it accordingly. The boards can now be attached to the cut-out levels and screwed down. By the way, to create the main, and then additional tiers, you can use boards from pallets. If necessary, they can be pre-sanded. However, any other wood of the correct size will also work.

Similar pallets appear on the site along with blocks, paving slabs or other materials. Quite suitable boards should find their area of ​​application.

Make sure to drill the drain holes at the bottom. After the main tiers have already been made, you can start making small triangular tiers. The sides of the joining of the boards should be sawn at an angle of 45 degrees. Adjust the size of the boards. The three triangular shapes should be screwed together and fixed to the main tiers as shown in the photographs.

Take the time to saturate the structure with anti-rotting agents. You can simply paint the resulting structure: it will serve you much longer.

Now you can fill the container with soil and plant the plants that you like in it. But before this final step, you need to make sure that the design will serve you as long as possible. To do this, you need to impregnate the wood with a special compound or paint it using weather-resistant paint. An elegant and rather unusual flower bed is ready to take the place allotted to it on your site.

Option # 2 - four-tiered flower design

This design differs from the previous one only in the number of tiers and some structural nuances. The general meaning of this structure remains the same: on a small area, an excellent flower bed appears, which can be filled with magnificent plants.

We recommend using duralumin straps. They will not rust and will last longer. The finished structure should be proliferated three times. Only after it has thoroughly dried out can you fill the container with soil with the addition of fertilizers to it.

A small change in design allows us to build another attractive flower bed that will not take up much space, but will not go unnoticed

On the lower floors of both structures, it is best to plant plants with long stems. It is more logical to place loaches or undersized flowers in the upper tiers. Very soon, the building will be filled with flowers and greenery and will look just the way you always wanted.

Option # 3 - a barrel for strawberries and more

In such a container, you can grow not only flowers, but also strawberries. In this example, a container made of wood or plastic is used specifically for strawberries, but it makes sense to pay attention to the planting method. After all, strawberries can easily be replaced by any loaches, which, together with the flowers planted in the upper part of the structure, will become a real decoration of your garden.

If we are going to cut holes in the plastic, we can use a drill and a sharp sturdy knife. To work with wood, you need a special "ballerina" cutter

Choosing a durable plastic or wood barrel. In a checkerboard pattern, cut holes in its sides, the size of which will be approximately 7-8 cm wide. The distance between them should be about 15-20 cm. Do not forget about the drainage holes in the bottom of the structure. We put a layer of gravel on the bottom.

Insert a pipe (10 cm in diameter) with holes in the center of the structure. We also fill it with gravel. Watering and feeding can be carried out through this pipe. Fill the container tightly with soil up to the first row of holes. We plant the first circle of plants, water. So we fill the entire container sequentially to the very top. We plant the remaining seedlings on top.

Option # 4 - a few more wooden ideas

Wooden barrels are the most fertile material. They are attractive without much adornment. The wood itself is interesting, and in combination with the metal of the hoops, it looks especially colorful. Let's make some more simple, but very nice structures out of this material.

If you want to decorate the entrance to the house or the entrance gate with two double flowerpots, we cut a strong barrel across into two equal parts. The result is compact tall tubs. You can soak structures with an anti-rotting agent and varnish them for outdoor use. We fill the structures with high-quality soil and plant seedlings or seeds in them. The advantage of portable flower beds is that the plants can be planted in them in advance, and with the onset of the warm season, they will already decorate your garden.

What luxurious compositions can be created from literally junk material! Each such flower bed is a guarantee of a good mood for its owner.

If we cut the container not across, but along, we get two large, but low flower beds. A place for such a decoration can be found everywhere: in the middle of a green lawn, near a fence or a gazebo, next to a house or anywhere else in a summer cottage. In full accordance with the chosen style of your site, you can varnish or paint the wood in any chosen color.

This half of a barrel, mounted on a trestle, is decorated with wonderful flowers that are in pots. This little trick allows you to quickly change the design of the flower bed at the request of its owner.

There is another very interesting option: an imitation of a fallen barrel, from which something is poured out. To do this, you can cut the container diagonally into two unequal parts. We will need the one that is larger. It will need to be dug into the ground, not too deeply, but so that it gains reliable stability, and so that the cut is not visible. Flowers should be planted to mimic a spilled liquid or lane.

A stream of water or bubbling foam coming out of a barrel can easily mimic stunted flowers. This path looks especially impressive on the lawn.

There is only one requirement for flowers - they must be undersized. Otherwise, the composition will not look at all as intended. Flowers must be the same color. If they are blue, you get an imitation of spilled water, yellow - honey, white - milk, and different shades of red will create the illusion of a flow of tomato juice or wine. This decoration looks very impressive.

This pots looks like an installation, with the help of which its author wanted to demonstrate the victory of life over death, freedom over imprisonment.

If the keg is small, it can also be used. It will make a wonderful pots for flowering ampelous plants. Delicate openwork vegetation looks very colorful against the background of old wood and rusty metal.

Option # 5 - plastic or metal container

The advantage of a plastic barrel is its excellent preservation. It does not rust. It can be used in the same way as wood, but it does not look as impressive. Before planting flowers in it, you need to correct this drawback: the plastic should be decorated. It is interesting to paint the container using a remote control or a spray can.

In order not to spoil the work initially, you need to place a clean and dry barrel on a large piece of polyethylene or unnecessary cloth: dirt and dust will not stick

Twigs and other materials can be used as a stencil that can create a recognizable outline. They need to be dense enough so that the paint is sprayed around and not smeared on leaves and other surfaces. The contour formed around the template can be slightly tweaked with a brush.

When using iron barrels as flower beds, the most important issue is their decoration. Wonderful flowers are just the hairstyle of new garden characters

To transform an old metal canister, it must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dried in the sun. This will prepare the surface for the work ahead. The main background should be applied with a roller or wide brush. It is better not to spare paints. Draw the details of the pattern with a thin brush. The resulting funny flower beds will become a real decoration of your site. You can get some ideas by watching this video:

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A dacha without flowers is not a dacha. Often at least a few flowering bushes, but there are. And for those who love flowers, and in general can call themselves a florist, the summer cottage attracts special attention. How to make beautiful flower beds in the country with your own hands? You don't need to have a lot of knowledge and experience for this. It is enough to have the desire and the necessary materials at hand.

Beautiful flower beds in the country with your own hands

Vertical bed of cinder blocks

A plant bed can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as plastic bottles, car tires, or pipes. Today we want to propose the use of cinder blocks, inside of which there are special cavities. The advantage of a vertical design for a flower bed is that it does not take up much space, blends harmoniously with the facade of the house and gives the backyard an original appearance.

- solid and half building blocks
- liquid Nails
- iron sheets
- land and plants.

Master class vertical flower bed for the garden

1. If the blocks are through, then on one of the sides it is necessary to glue iron plates of suitable size. This is easy to do with liquid construction glue. You can make holes in the plate so that water flows out or glue it so that there are gaps between the block and the metal.

2. Wait for the glue to dry. You can flip the block over so that it presses the iron plate.

3. Come up with a design for your flower bed, taking into account the area of ​​the site where it will be placed. Plates need to glue all the cavities of the blocks in which you plan to plant the plants.

4. Apply glue to the surface of one block and install the other on top. Place the blocks in such a way that they balance each other, and the flowerbed does not fall apart under the weight of the earth with plants.

5. Pour soil into the holes of the cinder blocks and plant the plants. Curly flowers will look original in such a flower bed.

You can make several of these vertical beds and arrange them symmetrically throughout the site or on the site near the entrance to the house. It is not necessary to repeat the same design, come up with a new combination of blocks, then the flower bed will look completely different.

How to arrange a decorative garden?

Here are some photo ideas and tips:

Ornamental gardens today they are becoming more and more popular among summer residents. Now in the country you can not only grow crops, but also get aesthetic pleasure. Flowers, onions, cabbage, herbs, fruit trees, healthy greens, beets, carrots are planted in such an ornamental garden. In this case, you can independently come up with combinations of all plants.

We recommend:
1. Take into account the photophilousness of certain plant species so that they look aesthetically attractive and do not die prematurely.

2. Combine the color scheme of plants, for example, purple basil will look harmonious with greenery.

3. Take into account the shape of flowers and fruits of plants.

4. Combine evergreens with short-lived, then you will not have gaps in the garden.

5. Paths to the beds are made of the same material as the main path to the garden.

A decorative vegetable garden will look good in a regular style, that is, when the plants are planted in the form of geometric shapes. From vegetables, you can easily create borders around trees, a good design effect is achieved if you alternate plants of different heights.
Watch a helpful video: Ornamental vegetable garden
In European countries, vegetable gardens have long been distinguished by their neatness, beauty and stylish design. Do different crafts and flower beds with your own hands, and also carefully plan the design of the beds, then your personal plot will become not only a storehouse of vitamins, but also a real decoration of the exterior.

High flower bed-spiral for flowers made of stone in the country + photo

A beautiful flower bed made of natural stone, complemented by an original small reservoir, will harmoniously fit into the landscape of any site.

To create this flower bed, you can use not only stones but also other solid construction waste left over from households. works.

You will need natural stones and crushed stone:

A crushed stone substrate is made over the entire area of ​​the flower bed and a metal container is dug in, for a reservoir:

A spiral of stones is laid out on the rubble:

The height of the flowerbed walls grows with each new row of stones:

The inner space of the flower bed is filled with soil, and the container with water:

Watch the video: 20+ Cheap and Easy DIY Raised Garden Beds You Can Actually Build Yourself

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