Hypericum dry extract


Hypericum extract, an oily macerate, can be obtained from all the flowering tops of the fresh plant: once taken orally, hypericum proves to be quite effective due to its antidepressant and antiviral effects.

It is essential, as with all medicinal plants, to respect the recommended and prescribed doses for oral use: therefore, the correct dose is between 600 and 900 mg of daily dry extract.

We must certainly like all treatments based on dry extract of St. John's wort can be particularly extensive over time, given that long-term effectiveness is a common feature of all antidepressants.

Hypericum extract carries out its action in the brain, above all by improving the secretion of serotonin, which is more commonly called the "feel-good hormone".

Preparation extract

As regards the preparation operations, it is certainly necessary to understand what is meant by active ingredient: in fact, only the whole dry ethanolic extract (with a percentage that is between 50 and 70 percent) or metabolic (and the percentage rises up to 80%).

Obviously, a suitable drug is required and it is now customary to use the flowering tops of the St. John's wort plant.

The flowering tops are characterized by the fact that they are extremely rich in buds and flowers, while the cutting of these parts of the plants must take place about 20-30 centimeters below the top.

The drying must be carried out with great precision and it is important that this operation is carried out in a shaded and particularly ventilated place, with temperatures that must never exceed forty degrees centigrade.

It is also essential that the ratio between drug and extract is maintained between 4: 1 and 7: 1.


Hypericum is essentially a medicinal plant and, like all other herbs belonging to this category, its intake must take place according to well established and correct methods.

In the event that the doses of the herbal drug are present to a lesser extent than the minimum quantities established by the Pharmacopoeia, then the beneficial effects will be null.

We know, however, that thanks to the titration operation, compliance with this last requirement, with the titrated dry extracts, always occurs and, therefore, the hypericum-based product is able to express its therapeutic properties.

The most advantageous way of taking hypericum is undoubtedly that of the dry extract titrated at 0.3 $% in hypericin (it can easily be found in all the main herbalists and also in specialized centers).

The dry extract of St. John's wort can be used as an excellent antidepressant, provided that you are dealing with situations of depression that are not serious, but which are essentially caused by the presence of stress, accumulations of tension and sudden mood swings.

The nebulized and titrated dry extract of hypericum is obtained from hypericin, although according to various theories, the real cause of the therapeutic properties of hypericum seems to be found in hyperforin.

Advantages of the dry extract

The titrated dry extract allows you to enjoy a well-determined and always regular quantity of phytocomplex, unlike what happens with many other pharmaceutical preparations based on hypericum.

The dry extract of St. John's wort also has the particular characteristic of being used in a good number of drugs.

To date, the use of hypericum is aimed only at the therapy of the depressive syndrome (both in the mild and in the moderate form).

The treatments that concern these disorders with the dry extract of St. John's wort have proved to be particularly effective, almost at the level of those purely antidepressant drugs.

Undoubtedly, being able to count on taking St. John's wort dry extract based tablets or capsules is a real convenience, since you don't have to waste time and it is an act that can be kept constant with great ease.

Hypericum can also be used in all those cases the patient suffers from sudden panic attacks: the dry extract of hypericum is also particularly effective for the treatment of seasonal depressions and depressions that are caused by the period of menopause.

Hypericum dry extract: Prices

Hypericum can be found on the Italian market as a real medicinal specialty.

In most cases, these are packs of around 300-400 mg of St. John's wort dry extract, in capsule form, which are subject to a prescription that can be repeated.

St. John's wort can also be found on the market in the form of a dietary supplement, with packs that include St. John's wort dry extract tablets.

In both cases, the dry extract of St. John's wort can be purchased for a price between ten and twenty euros: obviously the cost is directly proportional to the quantity of capsules present in the package.

Hypericum perforatum

St. John's wort
Devil hunters
Red oil herb
Grass throne

L'hypericum (L.) (scientific name Hypericum perforatum but also commonly known as St. John's wort), is a semi-evergreen perennial medicinal plant belonging to the Clusiaceae family (Guttiferae) and to the genus Hypericum. It is part of traditional medicine due to its phytotherapeutic properties, in particular the antidepressant and antiviral ones [1]. The origins of its use as a medicinal herb are very ancient and traces of it can be found in the writings of many centuries ago.

Hypericum, not only antidepressant: properties and contraindications

As an antidepressant, to treat burns and wounds, reduce hot flashes, purify the liver. There are numerous properties of hypericum. Here we tell you which ailments to use it for, how and when you need to be careful

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Of Gerardo Antonelli

Also known by the name of St. John's wort, thehypericum it is a medicinal plant used for centuries. "According to tradition, it was harvested on the night of June 24 (that of San Giovanni Battista), when for the ancient herbalists the concentration of its potential reached its maximum", says Dr. Emilio Minelli, surgeon expert in natural medicine in Milan. Hypericum is known for its andepressive properties, but it is also useful against hot flashes, to treat burns and wounds, to detoxify the liver. We asked Dr. Minelli the properties of the medicinal plant and what are the contraindications.

Before starting therapy withhypericumHowever, always talk to your doctor. "It is necessary to avoid taking it with psychotropic drugs and, in particular, with traditional antidepressants, since it could cause even important interactions", explains Emilio Minelli. Not only. "The use of hypericum is able to inhibit the action of the contraceptive pill and is affected by the use of chemotherapeutic agents, capable of raising or lowering the activity of the phytotherapic. Furthermore, it should be avoided if you are being treated with anticoagulant drugs, as it is capable of lengthening the bleeding times ».

To improve mood and calm anxiety

"Hypericum is an adaptogenic plant (that is, it helps to respond to stressful situations) with a documented antidepressant activity," explains the expert. Useful, therefore, to improve mood and calm anxiety. «Thanks to a series of substances that probably reinforce each other. Such as naphthodianthrons (hypericin and pseudohypericin), for example, which regulate the concentration of neurotransmitters responsible for mood, such as serotonin, adrenaline and noradrenaline, in the brain. To these are added others, such as phloroglucinols (hyperforin), with an anxiolytic effect. The set of all the components gives us a balanced antidepressant and sedative product».

  • How to use There are several ways to take St. John's wort. Minelli says: "You can take 30-40 drops of hydroalcoholic extract of hypericum diluted in a little water 2-3 times a day or you can choose 1-2 tablets of 300 mg dry extract, to be taken up to 3 times per day. Alternatively, you can prepare an infusion: pour 2 to 4 g of dry plant in 150 ml of boiling water for 30 minutes and drink the infusion 2-3 times a day. The therapy should be followed for 20-30 days and can be extended for 2-3 months, but always in agreement with the doctor ". But pay attention to the times: "For those suffering from anxiety problems, which appear especially in the evening, it is better to move the last intake to the end of the day, in order to promote sleep. If it is difficult to get out of bed, however, it is preferable to take thehypericum as soon as you wake up, "continues the expert.

To heal burns and wounds

"Although known primarily as an antidepressant, thehypericum it can also act on the skin thanks to its ability to soothe pain and stimulate tissue regeneration. This makes it a valid emergency remedy in case of wounds, ulcerations, bedsores, erythema (the alarm bell of a sunburn) and burns up to the second degree (characterized by blisters and vesicles) ", explains the doctor Magda Belmontesi, dermatologist and lecturer at the Agorà Higher School of Aesthetic Medicine, in Milan.

«The officinal plant tends to favor the closure of the lesions, thanks above all to the action of flavonoids and flavones. In addition, it boasts a powerful antiviral and antibacterial effect that hinders the proliferation of germs, so much so that it was among the first products used to treat the Herpes type I and II virus ", Minelli points out.

  • How to use «It is used as a 20% aqueous extract. In case of wounds, sores and burns it is necessary to pour the hypericum extract with a spoon on a gauze, which is applied to the area that hurts and then maintained throughout the day. Those who suffer from Herpes, on the other hand, can perform 3 to 8 touches daily. Better though avoid sun exposure because St. John's wort can cause phototoxicity reactions ", specifies the expert in natural medicine.

To counteract hot flashes

Hypericum is able to provide extra help even during menopause: "Hypericum can help control hot flashes. In this case it should be associated with other herbal remedies that have a hormonal action ", adds Minelli.

  • How to use "Pour 4 g of dry hypericum extract into 500 ml of water, add 5 g of vitex agnus castus and the same number of black cohosh. This drink should be drunk 3 times within 24 hours, for 15-20 days, following cycles of 3-4 months ", explains the expert.

To detoxify the liver

Among the virtues of hypericum, there is also its protective action against the "purification laboratory" of the body: "Hypericum is able to clean up the liver from unbalanced diets, consumption of toxic products and hormones. All the more reason, for those who suffer from liver pain due to the intake of some pharmacological antidepressants, it can be evaluated, always with caution and under the supervision of a doctor, to switch from medicinal to natural therapy ", explains the expert.

  • How to use «200 mg of dry extract of St. John's wort 3 times a day after meals. The therapy must be followed for 20 days, following 3-month cycles », concludes Dr. Emilio Minelli.

Hypericum can also be used in the kitchen

"Hypericum also finds space in the kitchen, and not just for classic herbal teas", explains the doctor Maria Paola Dall’Erta, biologist chef and bio-cooking teacher in Milan. «The petals of its flowers and leaves have a sweet and sour taste, similar to mint but a little bit more bitter, capable of giving a more refreshing taste to salads and fruit salads ". In addition, it is used in the preparation of a aromatic grappa: «Pour between 10 and 20 g of dried St. John's wort petals in a liter of grappa and, if necessary, some slices of an untreated lemon are added, able to accentuate the refreshing flavor. At this point it is left to macerate for 15 days, then the contents are filtered and sugar is added, as desired ", concludes Dr. Dall’Erta.

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VitaCalm Iperico is a formulation designed to provide nutrients such as Tryptophan, Magnesium and Hypericum phytoextracts (at the maximum dosage authorized by the Ministry of Health), Rhodiola, Passiflora, indicated in case of mood swings, anxiety, irritability, nervousness. Rhodiola and Hypericum promote normal mood. Passionflower and Hypericum contribute to relaxation and mental well-being. Magnesium contributes to the normal functions of the nervous system. The formulation is completed by Tryptophan, precursor of serotonin. Hypericum, present in the formulation at the maximum authorized dosage, is considered the natural remedy of choice to promote normal mood and together with Passionflower, with its relaxing and soothing properties, Rhodiola, a tonic-adaptogenic plant, promotes mental well-being. , suitable for states of psychophysical stress, it can be particularly indicated to combat physical and mental fatigue and promote natural good humor. The product is completed by Magnesium, which contributes to normal psychological and nervous system functions, and Tryptophan, an amino acid that participates in the synthesis of serotonin, the so-called "good mood hormone". The recommended daily dose of 2 tablets contains 234 mg of dry extract of St. John's wort titrated at 0.3% in hypericin (0.7 mg of hypericin), 250 mg of dry extract of Rhodiola titrated at 1% in salidroside, 200 mg of Passionflower dry extract titrated at 3.5% in isovetexine, 150 mg of L-Tryptophan, 100 mg of Magnesium. Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

HOW TO USE: it is recommended to take 2 tablets a day, taken with a little water or other drink. It is suggested to take the product for a minimum of 20 days up to 2-3 months, depending on individual needs.

WARNINGS: Hypericum extract is contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding, in pediatric age and adolescence. If you are taking medications (including contraceptives), ask your doctor for advice before using the product: Hypericum extract can interfere with their metabolism by also inhibiting their activity. During the treatment, it is advisable to exercise caution in exposing oneself to the sun.


Food supplement containing nutrients useful for the physiological rebalancing of sleep-wakefulness and the emotional component. Ingredients
per capsulefor 100 g
Griffonia dry extract 98% 5-HTP80 mg17.77 g
Melatonin0.5 mg0.11 g
Lemon balm dry extract 4% rosmarinic acid30 mg6.66 g
Magnolia dry extract 50% magnolol60 mg13.33 g
Hypericum dry extract 0.3% hypericin3.5 mg0.77 g
Valerian dry extract 0.42% valerenic acid100 mg22.22 g
Vitamin B61 mg0.22 g
Other ingredients: excipients (maltodextrin, magnesium stearate).
How to use Take 1-2 capsules in the evening before bedtime. The capsule should be swallowed without chewing. Warnings Do not take before driving. Do not take during pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. storage Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not consume after the expiry date of conservation. The expiry date refers to the unopened and properly stored product. Format Carton with 3 blisters of 12 capsules each of 540 mg - Net weight 19.44 g.

Ministerial Code: 930003619


Manufacturing Company: leader natural pharma srl

Dispensable by the SSN: NOT GRANTABLE

Pharmalife IPERICO 100% 60 tablets

Product description -

Product description:

Pharmalife IPERICO 100% 60 tablets: Food supplement with Hypericum extract (PH50) titrated and standardized.
Maintains normal mood and promotes relaxation and mental well-being.


In the literature there are numerous works that confirm the following mechanisms of action of Hypericum:

• Inhibition of the reuptake of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine

• Inhibition of presynaptic GABA reuptake

• Increase of post-synaptic receptors for serotonin

• Increased nocturnal secretion of melatonin.

HYPERICUM 100% must be taken with caution in association with psychotropic drugs.


St. John's wort interferes with the metabolism of many drugs, enhancing or canceling their effect. It is therefore not recommended to use it at the same time as other therapies. This is especially true in reference to the internal intake (therefore by mouth) of the extracts.

This plant stimulates certain enzymes that metabolize drugs and therefore reduces their circulating level.

It also has an action that is added to that of serotonergic drugs. Clinical studies have shown, for example, that the intake of this medicinal herb reduces the blood levels of drugs such as digoxin (a substance belonging to the category of digitalis glycosides, used as a medicine in the presence of certain heart problems) and can also reduce blood ™ effect of warfarin (drug used with anticoagulant action).

Did you know that St. John's wort and alcohol don't get along? Read what our expert phytotherapist thinks in this regard to a reader.

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