We swing children on a swing made by our own hands

What should children do in their free time on the street? Run and play, build a house out of sand, ride a bike, kick a ball. And many children also enjoy spending time on the swing. They love to rise and fall sharply. Such a swing can be made with your own hands, using the material at hand for this.

Types of children's swings

The swing has a number of useful functions:

  1. They help to brighten up the kids' leisure time.
  2. Contributes to the training of the vestibular apparatus.
  3. Develop coordination of movements.

    Children love to swing on a swing.

  4. Improve mood through the adrenaline rush during high ups and downs.
  5. Monotonous swaying has a beneficial effect on the nervous system (soothes, relieves stress).

For several centuries, swings have remained a popular attraction, not only for children, but also for adults. Not a single festivities in Ancient Russia were complete without "flights" on these devices. During the time of the Russian Empire, both the poor and the rich had them. Naturally, they looked different: the poor swung on ordinary wooden planks tied with ropes to the posts, and the swings of the rich were decorated with decorative elements, pillows, bows and ruffles. Nowadays, interest in them does not fade away, they can also be seen in courtyards, in many children's organizations, in suburban "residences".

What material is suitable for making a yard swing

The swing can be made with your own hands, using almost everything that is at hand for this.

Table: advantages and disadvantages of different materials

Type of materialBenefitsdisadvantages
  1. Strength.
  2. Environmental Safety.
  3. Long service life.
  4. Non-slip seating.
  5. Absence of dependence of their surface temperature on weather conditions.
  1. Prone to decay if not properly treated.
  2. Increased risk of splinters and minor injuries.
  1. High reliability. Such a swing is capable of withstanding significant loads (up to 150 kg).
  2. The ability to decorate with different details.
  1. Corrosion susceptibility.
  2. High thermal conductivity of the metal, which interferes with the comfortable use of the swing (in the heat they are very hot, and in the frost they are too cold).
  1. Extensive assortment of shapes and colors.
  2. Ease of installation (due to the low weight of the structures).
  3. No need for special care.
  4. The harmony of presence both in suburban areas and in massive complexes for children's entertainment.
  1. Low structural reliability in comparison with products from other materials.
  2. Inability to use outdoors.
  3. Exposure to the influence of severe frosts, temperature changes, high humidity.
  4. Suitable for use by young children only.
  5. Not all plastic structures can withstand severe frosts, temperature changes and high humidity.

Photo gallery: types of swings by material

Use of non-standard materials

Some craftsmen can make swings from other materials, using car tires, plastic pipes, wooden pallets, etc. For this purpose, even snowboard boards, skateboards and other non-standard materials, for example, an old basin, can be used.

Photo Gallery: Creative Seats

Swing designs

According to the design features, the swing is:

  • frame;
  • suspended;
  • floor;
  • transformers;
  • electronic type.

Age preferences for frame-type swing - children from 3 to 10 years old. Such structures have a great advantage - mobility.They can be placed in any area of ​​the summer cottage or playground. They are strong enough to support the weight of primary school children.

The suspended swing is attached to the crossbeam. For this, you can use chains, ropes, ropes. Their reliability increases with the use of a strong crossbar and provided that they are properly fastened.

Floor structures can be used by children under 5 years of age. Most often, when creating them, plastic and metal parts are combined.

For very young children, you can make a transforming rocking chair, which combines several elements at once:

  • Chair for babies;
  • mini-chair;
  • directly the rocker.

The modern world cannot be imagined without electronics. There are swings equipped with a special system, which may include:

  • timer;
  • "music Center";
  • device for setting the rhythm of swing movements.

They should only be purchased if your family has a newborn child.

Photo gallery: different swing designs

What functions can a swing perform?

Swings, despite similar functions, may differ slightly from each other. This is due to the design of these structures, and to their principles of operation.

Who among the adults does not remember such attractions as boats? This type of swing can be used to entertain both children and their parents.

How cool is it to take off to the skies, swinging on "boats"

There are several types of children's designs, designated by one concept - swing-balance weights. Such devices include a swing:

  • "Libra";
  • "pendulum";
  • "Rocker".

Such fun fun is suitable even for small children. With the support of an adult, a one-year-old baby can also ride on a swing.

Only two people can ride on a balance swing

Nowadays, manufacturers of children's structures offer a rich variety of spring-loaded swing devices with balancing.

Of course, a swing can be purchased at a store, but it's better to work hard and build a swing yourself. Years will pass, but your child, who has already matured, will certainly remember the minutes of "ups" and "downs" on the swing that you made with your own hands.

Photo gallery: spring structures for babies

Preparatory work

If you decide to build a children's swing yourself, then you should carry out preparatory work:

  • decide on the type of future design;
  • clarify the parameters;
  • draw a drawing;
  • purchase the necessary materials;
  • get all the tools you need.

Material selection

The simplest swing design is suspended. You can make them completely wooden or combine different materials. For suspension elements, metal chains, ropes, a strong cord, parachute lines or rope are most often used.

For through holes in the crossbar, special fasteners will be required.

For fastening, you can use special devices.

You can fix the swing with the girth of the crossbars using special carabiners

It is best to use a polished board as a seat, since it is comfortable, does not crack in the cold, and will not cause discomfort to the child in hot and cold weather. You can use improvised means - old seats from chairs, armchairs, etc.

A broken chair can be used as a seat

If you have more than one child or guests with children often come to you, then you can make a balancer for two. They are made from different materials. The advantages of metal swings are in their strength, but for the independent construction of such a structure, you will need a good welder. Swings made of wood are easier to make, and they are less dangerous to use.

Calculation of materials

The easiest way to make a suspended swing with a metal support and a wooden swing-balancer.

The materials you will need are:

  • 2 iron pipes for support pillars (d = 74 cm);
  • 2 bearings;
  • 1 metal pipe (for the crossbeam) 50 cm long (d = 150 mm);
  • ready-made solution for concreting;
  • welding machine;
  • 2 metal plates are not narrower than 7 cm.

For a swing balancer, prepare:

  • any wooden materials (average length - 2.5 meters). You can take a regular, non-thick log, a bar (40-50 mm thick) or a board about 25 cm wide.
  • seat boards (width - 30–40 cm, length - 45–60 cm) with a thickness of at least 30 mm.
  • metal rod for support.
  • hardware.
  • paint or primer.
  • 2 wooden handles (they can be made from a wooden rod 25 mm in diameter, about 60 cm long).

Outdoor swing schemes

You can facilitate the work of making a swing by drawing up a design diagram. Drawings are made independently (for individual parameters) or ready-made from different sources.

Photo Gallery: Sample Drawings

Instrument preparation

Depending on which design you preferred, you need to prepare:

  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • a hammer;
  • shovel or hand drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • grinder;
  • hacksaw;
  • roulette;
  • plane.

Step-by-step instructions for making a hanging swing with a chain and a wooden seat

Having prepared everything you need, you can get to work:

  1. Use a hand drill or shovel to dig holes for the support posts in the selected area. They should not be made too deep. Treat the bottom of the support legs with anti-corrosion compounds to avoid rust problems.

    By using a hand drill, you will significantly reduce the construction time of a swing.

  2. Insert metal supports into the crushed stone and sand pits at the bottom. Fill the vertical pillars with concrete. In order for the pillars not to move, you can use the props made of wooden planks. Leave the solution to harden for 2-3 days.

    For this stage, you can take a ready-made solution.

  3. Drill holes in the support pillars with a diameter equal to that of the cross tube.
  4. Insert the cross bar and weld it on.

There is another reliable way of attaching supports and crossbars - by welding a special structure (this option is very suitable for connecting wooden structural elements).

Using a special element for connecting parts, you can ensure the reliability of your structure

Bearings are mounted in the center of the crossbeam using metal plates. The bearings must provide a forward / backward movement of the swing. Further actions are as follows:

  1. Pipes - seat holders are attached to the bearings. It can be 2 pipes with a crossbar welded at the bottom (under the seat) or a solid structure in the form of a flowing letter "P" (without corners). The swing can be hung on chains, a strong rope or thick cord, which are fastened to the holes made in the seat.

    Bearings require regular lubrication

  2. The seat is made of wood material. The boards are attached to the metal pipe with self-tapping screws. A great idea for a seat is the remains of an old chair or chair.

    For safety, you can use a one-piece metal structure to which a wooden seat is attached

  3. The finished structure must be painted or varnished. This will increase the lifespan of the swing.

The condition of the swing should be carefully monitored. It is necessary to regularly lubricate the bearings with machine oil and tint the shabby parts.

Before you invite the kids to go for a ride, try the swing yourself.

Video: how to make a swing from a profile pipe in the country with your own hands

How to make a swing-balancer for a child from a tree with your own hands

Based on the drawings made and armed with the necessary materials and tools, you can start assembling a swing-balancer made of wood. The work is carried out in 4 stages:

  • installation of the base;
  • manufacture of rocker-balancer;
  • assembly;
  • painting the product.

The diagram you have drawn up gives a clear idea of ​​the sequence of actions.

The basis is the basis for the reliability of the design for children. This element of the swing can be built from a wooden beam (10x15 cm), logs (20 cm), boards (not thinner than 3 cm), fixing them in the intended place of the future swing. A lower frame with a length of about 1 m is erected from wood and vertical supports or racks are attached to it (using self-tapping screws) at an angle.

The balance beam is easiest to make from a bar or thick board.

For the entire length of the balancer (up to 2.5–3 m), 2 beams are laid parallel to each other, between them (on both sides) shorter beams (up to 1 m) are placed. The entire resulting structure is fixed with screws or waterproof glue (for carpentry work). You can use one board.

Seats with handles are made at the edges of the rocker arm, in its central part there is a hole for a profile pipe.

Handles, like all other wooden parts, must be perfectly smooth so that the child does not drive a splinter into the skin.

The assembly of the rocker arm and the base is carried out using two pipes: a support pipe and a segment mounted in the center of the swing. They are aligned, a steel rod is inserted into the pre-drilled holes on both pipes.

With certain skills, you can build a swing-balancer for children

Video: how to make a product from a tire

Decorating process

After the swing is mounted, you need to take care of their appearance. It is easiest to paint them with oil paint. This method is suitable for both wooden and metal structures. You can dream up and make the swing especially attractive for children.

The easiest way to decorate is painting with paint

Do not neglect the rules of using a children's swing, which will help to avoid injury. You can't:

  1. Get too close to them when using them by other children.
  2. Sway while standing with your feet on the seat.
  3. Twist ropes, chains or other hanging elements.
  4. Get off the swing before it comes to a complete stop.
  5. Sit on one seat for several children at once.

Before operating the swing, it is necessary to carefully inspect all nodes and connections for their integrity and functionality. Lubricate the swing regularly to prevent rust and squeak. Make sure there are no sharp objects, protruding bolts, or unpolished wood in the structure.

It's easy to make a swing with your own hands. The main thing is to adhere to the manufacturing technology of the product and the recommendations of specialists.

A porch for a house from a bar: How to build a porch from a bar

A porch made of strong timber on wooden supports

You are the proud owner of a new country house, and you have come close to the stage of building a porch, and do not know where to start and what materials to build from? Then you've come to the right place! Our site offers a lot of material written by professionals on this topic.

Today's article will be entirely devoted to how a porch from a bar is erected to a wooden house. In addition to installation, we will also touch on the issues of types of structures, preparation of the foundation and, of course, admire the creations of professional designers and architects.

Theoretical preparation

By tradition, let's start with the most important thing - theory. Let's take a look at what functional features a porch has, and what types it can be.

Porch purpose

Porch in a house made of timber on a concrete foundation

The porch is an integral part of any building, from small buildings to multi-storey, multi-entrance buildings. It is needed in order to create a transition zone from the ground to the level of the entrance floor of the building.

We all know that the first floor, in order to avoid rain and groundwater entering the living quarters, rises above the ground. And this height can be both small and very solid, especially in areas with uneven relief.

The porch to a wooden house from a bar can be very high

And this is just its main purpose. Besides:

  • The porch protects the entrance group of the building from the effects of precipitation

A porch with a canopy protects from the rain

  • If the porch is closed on all sides, then this is an excellent additional protection against drafts.
  • On the porch, you can organize a recreation area, and arrange seats and tables there

A chic outdoor retreat for the whole family

  • While taking off your shoes on the porch, you do not carry the dirt accumulated on the shoes into the house.
  • Porch ladders equipped with handrail railings ensure safe ascent for them all age categories of users, from children to elderly people

A comfortable porch with a handrail is a guarantee of security

  • The porch can be a place for the embodiment of the owner's design ideas.. It can be decorated for the holidays, constantly changing the scenery.

  • If the porch space allows, then you can equip a greenhouse on it or simply decorate it with green plants, which will have a beneficial effect on the overall appearance of the building.

Wooden porch and greenery

  • Organize on its territory a place for storing sports and hiking equipment
  • Well, it is also important that the porch gives the building a complete look.

The functionality of a porch is largely determined by its design and size. The rest depends only on the needs and imagination of its owner.

Porch types

Porch structures can be completely different from each other, with non-repeating element sizes, and equipped with different additions in the form of a canopy, balustrades, multi-level floors and much more.

These tiny approaches are called simplistic.

But, despite this, all of them, one way or another, belong to four main types:

  • Simplified - in fact, it can be a small ladder with or without a platform. The most compact and inexpensive. It is installed when there is no place on the site for organizing a large site, or the difference in ground and floor levels of the first floor is very small.

More massive, attached porch

  • Affiliated - technically, this type is more complicated, but it does not differ much from the previous version. The difference is that a larger porch, added later to the finished house, is equipped with railings, parapets and even a canopy.

The porch for a house made of timber and the house itself have one roof for two

    Built-in - a more complex porch, the design and construction of which are carried out together with the main structure. Its floors are made cantilever, connected with the main walls of the building. Naturally, for the construction of such a porch, the same material is used as for the house. Very often, such structures have a common roof of various configurations.

A house with a balcony and a porch is waiting for its newcomers

  • In two-story houses, balconies are often arranged above such a porch., to which they transfer places for rest and tea drinking. They can also be decorated to create interesting compositions.

Equipped "live" terrace

  • Patio - these are real terraces, verandas or gazebos attached to the house. The dimensions of such porches are practically unlimited, and they can encircle the structure around the entire perimeter. Usually, a table and chairs are placed on such a porch so that on summer evenings you can enjoy the sunset in the pleasant company of relatives and friends.

The price of a porch, of each type, depends not only on its size, but also on the building materials and decor used. The most affordable of course will be the first option, the rest depends on the scale of the development and its complexity.

Open porch of a log house

Regardless of the type, the porch can be open or closed:

  1. The open porch is fenced around the perimeter only with parapets. The main space remains free for fresh air.Such options are the most popular, since their construction requires much less building materials, and it allows the owners to relax in the fresh air.

Closed porch attached to the house from a bar

  1. The closed porch is almost a full-fledged room attached to the house. Although it is not designed to absorb fresh air, it has a number of its own advantages. First, one hundred percent protection from wind and precipitation. Secondly, the ability to use the room for storing things. Thirdly, you can stay there even during bad weather, which cannot be said about the first option.

In all other respects, except for the materials used for construction, there is nothing more to divide the porch structure into.

Beautiful porches from a bar

To admire the beauty of timber structures, we have prepared for you several photos with images of interesting and beautiful options.

Material selection

As you can already see, looking at our gallery, the further appearance of the whole house will largely depend on the choice of material for the porch. Here we want to say that if you decide to build a porch from a bar, then it can be effectively supplemented with stone, brick or metal in order to achieve an interesting appearance.

We make a children's slide with our own hands

The arrangement of a playground is impossible without a slide. But you need to choose the design very carefully and take into account all the nuances. This is safety, comfort, and ease of manufacturing with your own hands.

Speaking about the types of children's slides, we must first distinguish two types: garden and indoor. Most often, home designs are placed in the bedroom. They can be made from randomly selected materials, even plywood or particle boards. On the street, this is unacceptable - there are too strong adverse meteorological effects. But the basic approaches to drawing up a design remain unchanged.

The difference may be related to the materials from which the slide is made. For her apply:

Plastic systems are recommended for children from 3 to 5 years old. Their main advantages are:

  • ease of assembly
  • minimum occupied area
  • the possibility of obtaining a variety of forms
  • convenience and safety
  • seasonal versatility.

Plastic allows you to make slopes in the form of a spiral, pipe or wave. The excellent heat capacity of the plastic slope allows it not to overheat in summer, and also to maintain a comfortable temperature in winter. The work is very simple, you just need to assemble the parts in accordance with the instructions. However, plastic is fragile, especially when it comes to cheap Chinese samples. It doesn't last long enough.

Often on the site near apartment buildings you can see slides made of metal. They are very durable and last a long time. Even with active operation, the attraction will work enough for several generations to use it. It is possible to make a structure with different heights and with an unequal length of the descent.

However, before choosing such a structure for your yard, you must take into account its weaknesses.

Metal conducts heat too well. In the heat, it gets very hot, and when the cold comes, the skiers easily freeze. This can lead to bad health consequences, even if they are not noticed in the heat of the game. You also need to remember that metal requires maintenance. And if the ramp is made of steel, it can corrode.

The tree is attractive for many reasons. It is environmentally and sanitary safe. Wooden structures are relatively light and can be delivered anywhere. Weather conditions do not preclude their use. But you need to understand that even the best wood can deform from dampness and temperature extremes.

For protection, special treatment is carried out. However, it complicates and increases the cost of the construction process.In addition, it is necessary to carefully select the compositions for impregnation, since not all of them are safe enough. But the wooden slide can be easily repaired with your own hands. And during the construction phase, you will not need to use a welding machine.

The large area occupied by the slide (especially together with the descent) requires a more thoughtful approach to the organization of this element of the playground. It is impossible to limit oneself to the choice of suitable material. Often a house complements the slide. Not only does it become another playground, but it also provides shelter from the rain during the summer months. It is also worth mentioning that the types of slides differ both in the presence of the house and in the size of the structure.

Drawings and dimensions

In order to properly build a slide for children at their summer cottage, it is imperative to draw up drawings and diagrams. If the slope profile found on the Internet does not suit the slope, you need to turn it clockwise (to increase) or counterclockwise (to reduce) the angle. The steeper the slope, the more enjoyable the children will be. In addition, this design will take up less space, which is especially important in the country.

But when the slope of the hill is tilted by more than 40 degrees, it is necessary to carefully calculate so that the area for braking does not turn out to be excessively long.

Typically, profiles are drawn on a single scale, from bottom to top. At the same time, they try to ensure that the distances between the starting points coincide. After that, vertical secant lines are prepared, between which there must also be an identical distance. The slope angle is determined by how large the free space is.

If there is a wall, pool or other dangerous places in the yard of the house not far from the descent, it is necessary to plan the construction of the steepest slide.

When drawing up drawings, it is required to take into account not only the available territory, but also the age of the children. So, if the structure is designed for a category of 3-7 years, you can make a playing surface at a height of more than 2 m.But at the same time, you will have to make metal barriers, the height of which will be at least 0.7 m.If children of any age can use the slide, fencing openings can be a maximum of 0.5 m. In this case, the height of free fall should be limited to 2 m.

When a fall from the upper platform is likely, it is necessary to provide a shock-absorbing coating during the design. Support structures are often not indicated in the figures. And also there may be no other elements of deepening. The form should be as simple as possible, since it is difficult to build a structure with a sophisticated configuration. The drawing of the slide for the street should be made with such an orientation that the descent is not directed towards the carriageway.


At an early age, children's imagination does most of the work by itself. It is able to "paint" a seemingly unremarkable element on the site, present it as a fabulous space. But the intention of some adults to help the imagination, to push it in a strictly defined direction, is quite appropriate. And if it is difficult to diversify the slope, then the ascent can be presented much more interesting than a simple staircase. Excellent solutions of this kind might be:

  • slide in the form of a "tractor"
  • a house on a tree
  • "Little train".

How to do it yourself?

On the Internet, it is easy to find many schemes for arranging a children's slide. But you should seriously pay attention only to such drawings and drawings, where the barriers are shown in detail. Children of any age play selflessly and lose their sense of reality. Therefore, both fences and railings must be required. Special attention should be paid to the materials from which the slide is constructed as a whole and even its secondary parts.

There are two main requirements: sanitary safety and a minimum risk of fire. All wood and metal structures must be sanded to minimize the risk of injury. Thinking over the future structure and erecting it, it is necessary to exclude any slotted partitions and gaps.While playing, children do not follow where they stick their fingers and even their heads. It is useful to imagine the slide through the eyes of a child, and then it will become clear where the dangers may lurk.

The step-by-step design of the sports equipment begins with the preparation of the descent. It is made from boards that are the same length and width. The wood is carefully sanded to ensure a safe descent. Bars placed from below are used to connect the boards. The next step is to attach the side parts of the structure to the descent.

In order not to scrupulously calculate all the proportions, you can simply repeat the standard dimensions of the factory slides. It is 1.3 m in height with a 55-degree slope. The boards of the side parts are selected and placed so that the ends are in the upper part of the site. They function as handrails that you can hold onto before descending. The sides are fixed on both sides with self-tapping screws so that they hold onto the base of the descent.

Important: the side parts must be thoroughly processed. All sharp corners are cut and even sanded with sandpaper. To spend less time and effort, you can simply take a grinder with a grinding disc. Next, you need to do the markup. At this point, you will need a drill for gardening.

The excavations in the ground obtained with its help are needed to install the timber. For your information: from below, this bar should be greased with mastic. Now the places where it was placed are being concreted. Only such a solution ensures the reliability and stability of the structure. It is recommended to mix the mortar on M500 cement in standard proportions.

In the upper part of the beams, the grooves are cut with a saw. They are needed to put the strapping strips. The parts are connected with self-tapping screws. Planks solve 2 problems at once: they increase rigidity and ensure the safety of children. Now you need to attach a pair of wooden beams to the frame.

A ladder is attached to them on one side and a prepared descent on the other. When this work is done, a wooden floor must be built. In its manufacture, boards are laid, attaching them with self-tapping screws.

Important: the boards should not be placed close to each other. The clearances should be such that there is no danger of injury, but water flows freely.

If maximum strength is needed, the joints of wooden parts are reinforced with steel corners. It is recommended to make the slide twice as long as in height. When choosing a site, you need to look so that it does not end up in a lowland. When it rains for a long time, a "swamp" will form there. All wood and plastic parts must be impregnated with fire retardants.

But the construction of a wooden slide can be done differently. An alternative arrangement is to first remove all soil and level the excavation. This is necessary if there is fertile land - then it will not be empty and will benefit somewhere else. Further, the site is covered with sand and after a while, when it settles, the entire territory is rammed. This time is not worth wasting, you can:

  • prepare a tree
  • dry it
  • cut according to the drawing
  • sand
  • soak in protective components.

Steps, handrails, railings and boards that will be needed for the construction of the "tunnel" are painted twice with enamel. In the interval between painting, they need to be sanded. This is where the preparatory stage ends. It's time to build the foundation: fittings are placed in the holes prepared using a garden drill. It is certainly verified according to the building level.

When the reinforcement is placed, it is immediately concreted, and the corners are welded on top. The pillars that will be placed in the base must be sawn through in certain places. These recesses will allow you to fix the timber at the corners with self-tapping screws. Further, the pillars are connected with each other using jibs. The staircase is done like this: the stringers are fastened, and then the steps are stuffed over them.

But a ladder cannot be used normally unless it is supplemented with a launch pad. When this work is completed, it is required to prepare the base of the descent (it is made from a bar).A steel curved profile for the ramp is installed. A plywood board is placed on top of the base under the slope. A sheet of iron is nailed onto this shield.

The outer edges of the sheet are folded over and fixed to the profile. Otherwise, injuries are inevitable. Now you can cut the gaps in the boards and wrap the edges of the sheet there. A boardwalk is being prepared under the ramp. The sides are sheathed with plywood. Now you can:

  • put boards
  • complement the staircase with a railing
  • build a hipped roof, cover it with plywood on top.

Not a single ready-made scheme, however, can be considered the only correct one. You can always retreat from it if the situation requires it. You don't have to use plywood to make the ramp itself. It can also be built from:

  • plastic sheet
  • linoleum
  • galvanized steel 0.05 cm thick.

Laminate for stingrays is impractical to use. Under constant load or simply by contact with water, it is easily deformed. And here are some more recommendations:

  • increasing the protection of wood from moisture can be achieved by polishing with wax
  • for covering a wooden slide, oil paint is much worse than acrylic compounds and varnish
  • you cannot put a slide near poisonous plants and honey plants
  • you must immediately look so that there are no pipes and electrical appliances nearby
  • you cannot orient the slope towards the roadway, fence or main wall.

Beautiful examples

You can still list the rules for constructing slides and study the nuances for a long time. But it is much better to take the initiative and focus on ready-made design ideas. The photo below shows a simple light-colored slide built almost entirely of wood. Only the surface of the slope is lined with sheet metal. At the same time, the protective sides are completely wooden. Contrary to the fears of some people, this decision does not look dull at all.

But you can also make a multi-colored colorful construction, even supplemented by a rather long transition between the ascent and descent. A pair of hipped roof structures provide shelter from not too heavy rain. There is an even simpler option, in which the entire surface is made of wood. Such a design must be chosen when only functionality is needed, and not a bright appearance.

How to make a slide with your own hands in one day, see below.

Children's outdoor swing for giving with their own hands - instructions for building from metal and other materials with drawings, photos and videos - garden and vegetable garden

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Automatic pump control device

Responder machine - in cassette

Heated car fan

Car Bicycle Pump

Automotive tachometer for K1003PP1

Automatic drinker with a float mechanism from the toilet cistern

DIY car wagon

Agrotechnics of Nevezhinskaya mountain ash

The basics of winemaking (wines from raspberries, black and red currants, strawberries, other fruits and berries)

The basics of winemaking (liqueur and blackthorn liqueur, cherry and plum wine)

The basics of pottery

The basics of building light structures

Mobile phone battery in the computer

Cordless jigsaw STA 18 LTX

Cordless stapler BOSCH 3,6B

Cold accumulators from bottles

Acrylic (screen, wardrobe, rack, acrylic desk)

Active signal processing unit for the subwoofer channel

DIY active subwoofer

English garden bench

Meter antenna (telescopic antenna for tape measure)

Antique Motifs: Colonial Chest

Antique kitchen cabinet

Antisone - an alarm clock for drivers

Antique chronometer - time according to the sun

Enfilade of pergolas (covered alley)

Appetizing bouquets - rose, turnip and radish

Aromatherapy under an umbrella

Lampwork perfume holder

An arched doorway is a wonderful decorative element of an apartment

Architectural forms from bars and slats

Ascetic wardrobe (made of metal profiles)

Audiovisual pyramid (shelves for TV, tuner, CDs)

DRL germicidal lamp

The balcony is a sea of ​​fantasy!

Balcony with external staircase

Balcony: order and aesthetics

There are no baths without shelves

Bench and coffee table

Sauna stove without blower

Bath from scrap materials

Foundling bar made of wood, metal and jute cord

Garden hose reel

BBQ is tempting (garden BBQ)

Bar counter with roll-out top

Trouble is not trouble. (how to save hours)

Automation is indispensable (about automation of electric pump control)

Without water - neither here nor there ...

Without further ado (garden bench)

In-service (repair of a sink in the kitchen)

Without lathe (making pulleys)

Plaster is indispensable (wall repair)

Without screws and nails (table)

Safety gun (hacksaw grip)

Safety lathe chuck

Flawless stanchions (strut jig)

Tinplate made from tin cans is a good material for home crafts

White spots on the walls are efflorescence. What to do?

Clothespins - for soldering wires

Gasoline engine - for all occasions (revision of the Ural chainsaw engine)

Old-fashioned gazebo

Gazebo from the old canopy

Gazebo from old window frames

A gazebo that can change its place

Infinite Yogurt (Renewable Starter)

Endless stool (combination of four stools with shields)

Non-contact wiring detector

Concrete and glass (aerated concrete and foam concrete products)

Garden path concrete slabs

Concrete mixer from a barrel (electric and manual)

The concrete mixer is being turned by the Zhiguli

Library on the wall (cabinet for books and tools)

Bio fireplace - fireplace without chimney

Bioenergy or natural Chizhevsky chandeliers

Vertical take-off biplane

Improvement of children's rooms

Brilliant splendor (flowers made of gold, silver and copper foil)

Automation unit in the country (switch of four load channels)

Chizhevsky chandelier power supply

Blocks and tiles - do it yourself

Side stop for edge milling

Large brush - from small

Great results with little tricks (gutter scraper, moving plant tubs, homemade IR emitter, loft and shed light)

Large clamp of small

There is no need to be afraid of rain or hail (plastic cape for a cyclist)

Artisan man's bracelet

It will be warm (oil cooler repair: general device, control unit)

It will be warm (repair of the oil cooler: thermal limiter, flow along the seam)

I made the towing rope myself

Potbelly stove from a metal flask

Potbelly stove dressed in tiles

Seething water - saves gasoline (bubbler that cleans crankcase gases from oil and tar)

French style buffet

Fast to make and easy to move (buffet)

Quick release vise jaws

In silent flight (flying pelican toy)

Oriental style (wicker chair)

On the road for fidgets (station wagon backpack)

Everything is at hand in the apartment (storage of books and folders with documents under the bed, a transformable wall made of volumetric elements, a corner shelf, a container on casters against an inclined wall, shelving shelves behind the door, a shelf around window openings)

Mexican (children's furniture)

At the heart - drawers-cassettes (cabinet for cassettes)

Looking for usable space

To help the baby (child toilet seat)

Helping phylophonists (CD carousel)

Helping Phylophonists (CD Wall Shelf)

Help for phylophonists (CD stand)

Helping phylophonists (CD stand)

On a hike for beauty (about ornamental stones)

On a hike for beauty (processing ornamental stones)

In the strut - and no nails (fastening the cover of the loggia glazing)

A Christmas tree was born in the garden (technology of growing fir trees)

In collaboration with nature (creation of fairy-tale stories from the roots of A. Vinokurov)

Prairie Style (Wright's Lamp)

In seconds (wood sawing machine)

In a basin on the bottom (repair of plastic basins)

In this greenhouse, everything will be ugly (greenhouse with a heat accumulator)

Flower vase: cold metal - living green

Glass bottle vases

Roller instead of a brush (device for applying glue to wallpaper)

Roller for painting frames and panels

Bathroom made of foam concrete blocks

Boil, boil my arc (welding machine)

Your assistant is a concrete mixer

Your assistant is a construction hairdryer

External camera power

The magnificent five and. saw (accessories for circular saws: cross-cut stop, edge stop, saddle for cutting beams, template, device for cutting sheet materials)

Impulse bike

Fan: it is worth changing the direction of flow

Home workshop workbench

Vertical gardening of the interior

Vertical flower beds are a wonderful decoration of the garden

Merry masquerade (masks for the New Year children's party)

Scales for the control hive

The wind is shining, it is warming (wind farm)

Wind assistant (rotary wind farm)

Wind turbine on a car

Eternal cuff (tire pump modification)

Eternal handle for plastic flasks

Baby bath hanger

Hanger with children's corner

Adults - for children (fun trolley, bed at night, play area during the day, car with one wheel)

Adult pebble games (concrete block structures)

Vibratory Sanders

Types of lumber and wood finishes

Types of weaving (oblique bending of three pairs of rods)

Types of weaving (square, with a string, bending in three pairs of twigs)

Weaving types (simple, layered, in rows)

House business card (gates and doors)

Fork for apples (fruit picker)

Fork-harvester (for harvesting cabbage)

Grapes in the middle lane

Spiral ladder: for the library and for flowers

Furnace virtuoso (essay on E. Gudkov)

Pear hanging - can be eaten (fruit picker)

Hanging gardens (hanging flower box)

Hanging Gardens. Semiramis? (hanging shelves for indoor flowers)

Stained glass panel Maple leaf

Showcase with a sauerkraut

Delicious corner in the garden (grill area)

Waterproof material Izospan-A

Instead of a bathtub - a shower cabin

Instead of a motor - a screwdriver!

Instead of a brush - a spray gun (to improve coverage)

Instead of incandescent lamps - LEDs!

Unscheduled bathroom renovations

Attention, radiation! (answers to questions related to radiation)

Granddaughter of the compact ORP of engineer shirkov

Whether in the garden, in the garden (homemade carts)

Water stones - a miracle abrasive

Plumbing without worries (revision of the water tap)

Water collector for an old refrigerator

Private house water supply

Gutters: glue or solder?

Water extravaganza (water garden in the garden area)

Water heated towel rails: install correctly!

Returning to the experience of ancestors

Returning to Baby (about repairing a washing machine)

Returning to the printed (about the call of the telephone set with a prefix)

Return of the Russian stove (masonry of the Russian stove)

Kite in two hours

The revival of Kuznetsov tiles

Revival of Russian tiles

Volnar. What it is? (wave simulator)

The Magician from Maklashkino (essay on V. Samoilov)

Dreams come true (essay on V. Metlov)

Slotted metal gates

Gates and gates of your estate

Tiled roof gate

Collar for full use of tube contents

Battery recovery and charging

Recovery of dot matrix printer (typewriter) ribbon

Restoration of the gilded frame

Eight with a hipped roof

Octagonal flower box

Here is such a spatula (embossed spatula made of rubber sheet)

For the first time on the arena! (microsauna)

Forward to the Bronze Age! (knife handle casting from brass)

Summer is ahead! (garden decoration)

Rotary column for garden tools

Gymnastic disc swivel chair

Let's hit for real! (how to embed a door lock)

Temporary grill (made of bricks)

Time to collect stones (garden tools)

Everything rests on a hairpin (rack and whatnot)

Everything for the kitchen: an oven handle, a set of cutting boards, a scabbard stand, stands for every taste, a pendant for kitchen utensils

All instruments in one exhibition

All tools at hand

Everything grows on a rack (seedling rack)

Anything that is not pleasing to the eye can be gracefully covered (wardrobe)

Always in search (essay about S. Kamenev)

Always fit. Further - more (cribs)

Always aimed at success (essay on A. Plotnikov)

Always at hand (fixing drills and wrench on the drill body)

Just a mirror (mirror framing)

Almighty jack (pulling poles, pipes, corners from the ground)

All-weather all-terrain vehicle (vehicle of original design)

All-weather all-terrain vehicle trotter

Remembered about magneto (installing magneto from a tractor on a scooter)

Auxiliary ruler for circular

Every drop (acceleration of drying of laundry)

The second life of car alarms

Second battery life (battery repair)

The second life of the bathroom

Second life of electrochemical cells

The second life of Helios or a monocle for a digital camera

The second life of a hand cart

The second life of the washboard

The second youth of the tabletop electric stove

The second youth of old things (decoration of the old chest with azure)

Second Moscow International Crafts Festival

Bushing holder for oil scraper unit

Hotplate vulcanizer

Do you like animals? (House for guinea pigs)

Choosing a cordless screwdriver

Choosing an instrumental belt

Door handle switch

Turned off the light? There is an exit!

Growing seedlings of annuals

Cut a circle - no problem

Rescued fluoroplastic (revision of the meat grinder)

High terrace with wooden stairs

Above the roof (how to make a weather vane)

Embroider Flame (Synthetic Carpet Making Tool)

Silk ribbon embroidery (rosebuds, hats and handbags, pansies, stitching, aprons)

Embroidery with silk ribbons (start of work, chain stitch, half-loops with attachment, seam knots)

Binding of frames of paneled panels

Gabions - string bags with stones

Gabions in landscape design

Lawn mower from scrap materials

Lawns and motley lawns

Halogens or LED bulbs?

Car garage, and more

Modular garage - homemade shell

Garage: Gate Goes Up

The guarantor of the harvest is an automatic vent!

Bathroom set

Headset for small size

Loft set (sliding bed, closet on casters)

Edged board set

Nails (varieties and applications)

Where are you, bike? (covered area for storing bicycles)

Where to dry your laundry? (bathroom dryers)

The solar plant heats the water

Desk geometry

Herbarium - drying flowers under a homemade press

Sealing window panes with electrical tape

Flexible eyeliner (shower repair)

Basement waterproofing and window arrangement in it

Water repellents - protection of the house from water

Gypsum for sealing drain lines

Garland of clothes hangers

The main thing is to stop on time (repair of brake drums)

Ironing board - support when cutting

It is difficult to bend iron, but it is possible!

Ice-free (wheel spike device)

Home Master's Pride

Burner (for oil fired oven)

Horizontal and vertical (a hybrid of a level and a square)

Flower pots, scoop and soap dish from plastic containers

Hot water - how much you need and always

Hot water in a rural house

Preparing an empty house for winter

Corrugated lampshade for table lamp

Competent drainage is a guarantee of the longevity of the house

Heats up without sweating (improvement of the Bulleryan gas-generating stove)

Mushroom sauna (mushroom dryer)

BBQ grill and keg roaster

Grill-roaster: everything on the shelves

Cargo trailer with tent

Pears ripen on mountain ash or Michurin for himself

Geta Centipede (Fun Sandals)

Give a fulcrum (support for the pump)

Sensors for burglar alarms

Dacha from the cabins

Country furniture made of forty

Country set. from polymer pipes

Country house for water turtle

Country table for a large reception

Two - in one (one desk pushed into the other)

Two views at one window (glass shelves in the window and window curtains made of climbing plants)

Two kilowatts of color music from the NF192 MASTER KIT

Two sheets of plywood - and a sailing dinghy!

Two sheets of plywood. and greenhouse

Two mini (diagrams of pocket radios)

Two approaches to the same problem (folding bed and catwalk bed)

Two vessels and. 50 percent savings (saving refrigerator energy)

Two ways to hide radiators (using mesh fabric and wooden slats)

Double transformer (retractable bed)

Two lamps (table lamp made of wood, lamp in oriental style)

Two benches (wood benches)

Two thousand calories per hour (home heating stove)

Twelve reasons why the stove smokes

Safety door (for stairs)

Doorknob on a shovel

Door technologies (construction of doors and door frames, assembly and installation)

Door: decorative element of the interior

Sliding door hidden in the wall

Two-bell Swedish (two-bell oven)

Double-circuit heating stove with fireplace

Double bed with drawers

Double sided bookcase

Two-level work table

Bunk bed: rational and practical

Bunk children's corner

Two-storey heating and cooking stove with one firebox

Two-story with one firebox

LED emergency lighting

Decorative and practical (chest of drawers with 12 drawers)

Decorative finishing with varnishes

Decorative finishing of the hearth

Decorative screen: four options

Decorative veneer products

Decorative stones for the garden

Decorative wicker borders

Pleated decorative curtains

Decorative curtains from scrap materials

Decoupage - the art of the elite, accessible to everyone (about creating products from color photographs and drawings)

Decoupage: decorate your home according to your mood!

The point is in the release (repair of the sink during its leaking)

Village fantasies (wood crafts: flowerpots, wattle, cart, snag-lantern)

Wood for the bathroom (bathtub lining with wood)

Woodworking machine Universal-1

Wooden pillow (foldable headrest)

Wooden planters for plants

Wooden structures on the site

Wooden skirting boards with finishing

Wooden stop for sawing laths

Holder for driving small nails

Holders from the springs of clothes pegs

Trash bag holder

Bath interior details (hangers, handles, headrest, mats)

The details are round and the corners are straight (double bed)

Baby cot for growth

Children's furniture (wicker chairs, tables, chairs, rocking chairs, cribs, playpens, crib-strollers)

Children's sports and game complex

Children's sports complex

Children's sports corner in the apartment

Children's tractor with a trailer

Children's corner with a canopy bed

Children's bike (velomobile with manual drive)

Deficiency is not a hindrance (connecting fluorescent lamps)

Scarce part (modernization of the air intake pipe UZAM-412)

Chimney deflector

Jacuzzi in Russian (revision of the bath)

Jeep all-terrain vehicle: comfort, reliability, beauty

Flower Sail Jonka

Sofa made of pipes, metal mesh and foam rubber

Sofa: simple yet fabulously comfortable

Dimmer for LED lamps

Dinghy: sail and motor (boat)

Remote program switching

Remote pump control

Long arm (pivoting power cable management console)

For balconies and terraces (pots, stands and hangers for pots and boxes with flowers)

For balcony, terrace and garden (simple lamps)

For giving. and more (bench for three, folding bench, coffee tables, round stools)

For floppy disks, videotapes, CDs (shelf)

For an umbrella (protecting plants from the sun)

For umbrella, hats and mufflers

For the kitchen and not only (kitchen shelf)

For your favorite records (shelf for records and videotapes)

For a small living room (transformable furniture)

For the garden, kitchen, shower (automated water supply at home)

For one hand (hand drill)

For autumn garden work (hawthorn nest removers, metal broom, leaf burners)

For hunting and tourism (fiberglass boat)

For disconnecting thin-walled pipes

For a garden-vegetable garden (scraper, plow, puncher, pick-up of fallen apples, original rake)

For a garden-garden (universal digger, scoop, hoe-ripper, combined hoe, hoe with a reinforced blade)

For the little ones (swing)

For collecting dust (using paper with an adhesive strip)

For those who love locksmithing

For curly carving (lathe)

Welcome to winter apartments!

Welcome warm! (thermal insulation of walls, attic and roof, elimination of drafts)

We will live until spring (balcony cellar)

Dosage of live fish feed

Tablet docking station

Long summer in the winter garden

The house starts from the porch

The house that I built myself (about the house attic)

Homemade abrasive lapping pastes

Home mini-bureau in the door niche

Homemade beer - wonder to friends

For home pastry chef (baking tins for pastry)

House wines (raspberry, Greger wine, Wint wine, strawberry, elderberry, blueberry, Lehmann wine, cherry, Werner wine, Zemar wine, Timm wine, plum, blackberry, Goltzapfel dessert wine, Zemr port wine, Kreutz wine, rhubarb, Bomba wine)

Household wines (juice processing, fermentation, transfusion and filtration, artificial clarification, bottling, capping)

Homemade wines (preparing berries for pressing, pressing, dishes for juice, must and wine)

Home bar in oriental style

Domestic batman (boot removal rack)

Curved plywood home floodlight

Home automation (automatic room heating system)

Home greenhouse in the annex

Home flower bed with. pockets

House for garden tools

Donka-zakidushka with a float

Don recipes (plum wine and Nezhinskaya mountain ash tincture)

Donskoe dry Sibirkovoe

Add-on for kitchen furniture (pull-out cabinets on casters)

Additional bathroom in the bedroom

Additional muffler for the cultivator

Additional filter in the washer

Modification of the hanger with rubber

Modification of the SUV (seat for a large rack and pinion jack, bracket for securing the bike)

Refinement of a cheap screwdriver

Refinement of a soldering iron tip for printed circuit boards

Modification of the ladder when working on the roof

Modification of the Minelab-T34 metal detector

Modification of a hacksaw and jigsaw for processing number lengths

Refinement of the washing machine

Refinement of the circular (ruler guides, locking blocks)

Concrete tile paths

Paths, platforms, steps

Road signs in. living room (tables with tabletops from road signs)

Board for calendar and memoranda

Board, saw - that's all (simple lamp)

Decent replacement (electronic battery)

Decent water rim

Decent framing (decorative flower boxes)

Decent plant framing

Board fence on metal supports

Wood in the bathroom interior

Ancient plots on a modern fireplace

Drill and company (direction of rotation switch, speed control, foot control)

Woodcutter Rabi Goldberg (sawing wood with a bicycle and a motor from a washing machine)

Wood-fired water heater

Friends ride in pairs (children's velomobile)

Safety arc (tips for builders)

Blew into the pipe - poured gasoline (using two hoses instead of one)

Gas burner oven

Shower and other uses of the 12 volt pump

Shower: just connect the garden hose

Dowels (varieties and applications)

His Majesty profile (crafts from metal profiles)

Hedgehog slippers for cars (mount the anti-slip device on the car wheel)

If on the road. (tips for troubleshooting in the car)

If you need a watchman. car, garage, apartment

If the soil is problematic (arrangement of bulk beds and flower beds)

If the planks are moving (re-laying and laying plank floors, installing skirting boards)

If the washbasin is clogged

If the kitchen is very small (modern furniture for a small kitchen)

If it's time to change windows

If you don't want to risk it (fuse calculation)

If not available (baby cot)

If the upholstery is torn (leatherette upholstery repair)

If the ceiling is crying (about eliminating leaks on the upper floors)

If the window sill is too narrow (three options for expanding the window sill boards)

If the hallway is narrow. (room expansion methods)

If the stapler fails (repair of the stapler)

If you don't have a bath (shower)

If you have no current. (mobile power plant)

If the house and land have different owners

Eat coconuts and ... make a planter

The old clock is still running (making wall clocks)

Another trunk (car trunk)

Another Russian (version of the Russian oven)

Once again about trailers for passenger cars

Once again about the automation of irrigation (automation of the electric pump control)

Jeannette Swift and her antiques (Ming vase, antique chest, screen)

Empire style jardiniere

Hedges: planting and care

Life without wires (wireless switching of TVs, music centers, etc.)

Home starts with a hanger

Living outside the box (essay on V. Andryushin)

Coffee and coffee tables

Whipped up magazine

Prefabricated coffee table

Coffee table with halogen lamp

For help to the wind (hiking wind farm)

No breakdowns in three years (homemade electric cultivator)

Profiled sheet fence

Fence made of grooved boards

Fence with swing gate

A fence that does not need to be painted (a fence made of plastic bottles)

Summer care (carpentry, ceilings, walls)

Forgotten grandma's recipes (use in the treatment of gifts of nature)

Smoothing the joints of tiles with a teaspoon

The workpieces rest on balls

The workpiece is held by a stand (fixing a long workpiece)

Pike damper (automatic chimney damper)

Plastic bag clamp - made of cork

Bunny, gray bunny. (plywood toys)

Rivets at home? (making rivets)

Ballpoint Pen Shaft Rivets

Tear-off rivets

Replacing the switch block

Replacing the inner stair railings

Plumbing replacement (toilet replacement)

Lock-blocker - double electronic key

Watch strap striker - made of paper clip

Filling the refrigerator with fire extinguisher refrigerant

Commissioning the heating system

Charging the battery from the watch with a flashlight

The charger is very simple

Car battery charger

Battery charger with automatic power cut-off

Charging your fingers (about charging batteries)

Glazed doors with overlaid cover

Frozen lace (wicker furniture)

Tool sharpening (drills and saws)

Sharpening the blades with a matchbox

Sharpening a knife using a paper clip

Sharpening at the right angle

Hook for carrying sheet materials

Why was the hose shortened? (restoration of the fuel pump)

Why does the pipe need an umbrella (about deflectors)

Why does a man need fences? (about materials for fences)

Cleaning of internal spherical surfaces

Scraper tool on a drilling machine

Car protection against corrosion

Battery overcharge protection

Protection and maintenance of wooden floors

Tile protection when drilling

Protection of ceramic floors (from sun, wind, moisture, temperature extremes)

Protecting the thermos flask from damage

Linoleum protection with polyethylene

Metal corrosion protection

Overvoltage protection

Noise protection (suspended ceilings, soundproofed floors, lightweight walls)

Protection of plants from winter cold

Protecting the hammer handle with a piece of hose

Protecting your camera from theft

Protect your phone from pirates

Protective cover for socket

Star oven for two floors

Stars on the ceiling

Stars on the frieze (patterns on the wallpaper)

Everything has its place here (chest of drawers)

Here the Russian spirit, here it smells of Russia (revival of Russian fireplace tiles)

Health is cubed! (children's sports and game complex)

Green living room (pergolas, awnings, gazebos)

Green roof (plant roof)

Green clothes at home (climbing plants on the walls)

Green onions one month earlier (greenhouse)

Earthen houses and other buildings

Mirror in bamboo baguette

Mirror in the house - non-standard solution (three mirrors in a common frame)

Mirror in an exclusive frame

Mirror world (flower stand, windproof mirror candlestick)

Zigzag bookcase is not a hindrance! (rack from an old screen)

Winter construction of wells and wells

Winter fishing in comfort (winter shelter for the fisherman)

In winter - a scraper, in summer - a wheelbarrow

Gold vase (decoupage product)

Grigory Malinovsky's goldfish (boat)

Golden rules for laying stoves

Umbrella for the castle - made of tires

Porch umbrella (front porch extension to the house)

A toothbrush ... cuts metal

And the adults are playing with cubes. (furniture from the box)

And the pans will shine again (cleaning burnt surfaces with an electric drill)

And carry, and sit down (handcart with a chair)

And that's all - three sides and a bottom (triangular flower pots)

Both jigsaw and table - in one suitcase

Both the hatch and the staircase (entrance to the cellar)

And frost is not terrible (how to close the supply ventilation pipe in a cellar in severe frosts)

And loofahs commander (a device for wringing out a rag)

And went to the smithy chime (portable home smithy)

And the barn should be pleasing to the eye

And he turns on the light, and protects the house! (automatic lamp and siren control)

And the bench and the couch in the garden

And the hose, and the watering can, and the barrel. (irrigation devices)

Both grinds and polishes (stone machine)

Play of light (garden lamps)

Toy tractor with trailer

Toys (homemade by French craftsmen)

Games in any weather (children's playground)

Ideas are ours, hoes are yours (a ripper from a saw, a hoe with a variable angle of inclination of the blade, a scythe hoe, a hoe with a stiffener, a hacksaw hoe, a scythe hoe, a Finnish hoe, blades, a rake-shaped ripper)


Hallway idea (cube cabinet)

Idea at your side (folding sofa)

Reinforced glass and wood (shelving and table)

From aerated concrete blocks (table, bench and corner couch)

Corrugated aluminum (household items)

From ropes and ropes (decorative knots)

From glued panels (furniture column)

From metal pipes (table and flower box)

30 x 30 slats (original chairs and tables)

From a pipe, but gracefully (lamp from pipes)

What to make a tool from

Sheet pile (sheet pile structures)

From the encyclopedia of compounds

Relieve the hassle. (flower net)

Headboard (how to design a headboard)

Green tapestry hedges

Making anaglyph glasses

Manufacturing of concrete blocks

Manufacturing of drawers

Manufacturing of printed circuit boards

Making an oil seal activator for a washing machine

Making a mains fuse

Household waste shredders

Measuring large diameters

Measuring and marking metal workpieces

Measurement of brake drums

We invent a shovel (various designs of shovels)

Reinvent the bike (making a mod bike)

Workshop tiles ai-fireplaces

They are subject to nuts and bolts (wrenches)

Imitation marble (from conventional fiberboard slabs)

Immigrant in Russia (Dutch heating stove)

Indawa for country roads (bicycle with a sprung rear wheel)

Lighter indicator (voltage indicator)

Liquid volume indicator

Plumbing installation (installation frames)

Living Fence Tool

Harvesting tool

A tool obedient to all ages

Instrumental in a suitcase

Instrumental on wheels

Toolbox made of. TV

Tools are always at hand

Garden and vegetable garden tools (baby ripper, bed ripper, station wagon ripper)

Autumn Garden Cleaning Tools

Bricklayer and Plasterer Tools

Tools, methods of seams when repairing shoes

Interesting design: modern solution (combination of a bed with a desk)

Interior of bars and slats

Apartment interior in a new light

Interior trifles (drawers and a rack of drawers)

Hidden wiring finder

Spark instead of a match (electric lighter)

The art of three-dimensional illusions

Dead angle use (small floor-to-ceiling shelf)

Using soap for sewing heavy fabrics

The use of trim moldings

Home ladder history

The story of a restoration (fireplace restoration)

Uninterruptible power system

Power supply for low-voltage equipment from a 220 V network

Power supply for radio equipment from the vehicle's mains

An energy source that never runs out

Look for tires (about a tire foundation)

Different chairs take a different approach. Change upholstery

Study for two (furniture set)

Personnel manager in the power supply (using TVK from old TVs)

Kazan, titanium and ... car wheel

How to deal with wood deformation

How to include a three-phase electric motor in a single-phase household network

How to restore damaged enamel?

How to cut the bottom in a barrel

How to prepare compost (tips from Maksimych)

How to correctly switch gears

How do you live in the old house? (home repairs)

How to glaze a loggia or balcony

How to Get Rid of Night Calls (Phone Call Indicator Light)

What is the best way to accumulate snow on the site?

How to Retrofit Solar Garden Lights

How to upgrade an old bathtub

How to equip a small kitchen

How to work with a two-handed saw alone

How to bring a fluorescent lamp to life

How to refresh a compact cassette

How to wean a cheeky dog ​​from barking worthless

How to fix a figure eight (bike repair)

How to clean a digital camera sensor

How to drive a nail correctly

How to properly lay the floor around the pipe

How to shorten the bolt correctly

How to attach a cabinet to a porous wall

How to install a television antenna in a city apartment

How to extend the life of a bouquet

How to extend the life of a jigsaw file

How to turn a spacious corridor in an apartment into a children's playground

How to develop a large photo

How to disassemble a tire

How to hang paintings in the house (tips for collectors)

How to cut plywood without chips

How to calculate a transformerless power supply

How to fix the reflector yourself (with conical heater)

How to fix the reflector yourself (with a cylindrical heater)

How to make drawers

How to make a wooden screw

How to make a simple shopping cart

How to make rubber molds

How to make a modern toilet

How to make a good mailing envelope

How to hide electrical wiring

How to drain gasoline from a nine

How to remove radio components from the board

How to remove a filter from a lens

How to preserve the harvest (berry bulkhead, dryers, containers for transporting fruits and berries)

How I chose a welding machine

How I Help the Bees (Getting Rid of the Varrow Mite)

What they were. (description and drawings of the model of the battleship Potemkin)

Victorian gate

Batch heater

Stone Flower? You are welcome! (scoring machine for stone processing)

Fireplace - craftsmanship and art

Fireplace stove Fortress tower

Canadian terraces and decks

Capricious Rainbow (about improving the greenhouse)

Car for garden tools

Pencil and vase from a plastic bottle

Carburettor burner (burner for oil fired oven)

Pocket flashlight plus electric shaver

Backlit curtain rod

Potato print (how to make drawings on a napkin)

We bake potatoes in a basket

A helmet instead of a circle (floating helmet)

Home first aid kit


Carrying wire reel

Pumps itself (automatic water pump control)

Rocking footstool

Bolt-on square table

Ceramic patterns (tiling)

Kerosene does not smell (kerosene stove)

Brick aesthetics (fireplaces with a variety of designs)

Brick framing of the terrace

Brushes: choosing and working with them

Universal brush (for thick and thin stripes)

Collector's pantry (chest of drawers)

Pantry under the bed (closet-pantry)

Classic pavilion gazebo with hipped roof

Classic side table

Adhesive mat for fixing floorboards

Wedge instead of glue (for finger joints)

Wedges will help glue the pyramid together

Wheel valve cap wrench

Book lovers and music lovers (shelves)

Bookcase - in one day

Classic style bookcase

Forged openwork (making a metal couch)

Cowboy leather things

Carpet made of wood (making and laying patterned parquet)

Bathroom rug (from planed bars)

Old Russian carved ladle

When it's cool outside the window (thermo fan)

Some of the secrets of the chair (making a dining chair)

Something about the Looking Glass (protecting the mirror before installing it in the bathroom)

Tragus with a clamp instead of a vice

Well in the garden

Well, well, let the water get drunk

Well, well, give water to drink (how to make a well)

Column in five minutes (water heating devices)

Column with shelves and door

Chopping wood is easy. (how to facilitate the preparation of firewood)

Bell-type Swedish (compact stove)

Curtain Rings - Champagne Corks

Snowmobile stroller (baby stroller on skis)

Combined 2.5 x 6 bricks (oven)

Combined sauna stove

Combined hearth finish

Combined heating and cooking stove with fireplace

Combined stove with fireplace

Room. on the balcony or how to glaze a loggia

Compact installation of a water heater

Compact Swedish (heating and cooking stove)

Compact headset: table and chair

Compact bathroom cabinet

Balcony kit (bench, flower box, trellis)

Bathroom set (bathroom furniture)

Pine table set

Rustic composition

Compost from the washing machine

Composting household and garden waste

Compressometer - do it yourself

Computer - in place (simple computer desk)

Victorian computer

Computer Trolley Rack for Kids Room

Computer desk by Singer

Comfort on casters (serving table)

Comfortable summer cottage from the cabins

Jig for drilling holes for shelf supports

Specific tip for a streamlined problem (how to reduce the aerodynamic drag of a car)

Canning is serious business!

Canning juices with pulp

Cellar constant (cellar temperature and humidity control device)

Structures from metal profiles

Sturdy, elegant, simple construction (furniture in the style of a Viennese workshop)

Greenhouse grafting controller

Distilled water quality control

Penny chairs (using car seats to make country chairs)

Piggy bank of vitamins (box for growing greens)

Taper turning copier

Coptite. usefully (simple smokehouse)

Camouflage basket (containers for laundry baskets)

Metal detector basket

Box-set (sofa, folding sofa)

You need to know the bark beetle by sight

Royal stone (marble processing)

King of farriers (essay on S. Polubotko)

Briefly about trifles (advice from a car enthusiast)

The receiver body will help you orient yourself

Mow, scythe (alteration of the scythe protective cover)

English style cottage

Techno coffee table

Interior paints

Red with white and black (table)

The beauty of the oblique is also practical (furniture from unified block modules)

Fasteners (expansion bolt, gypsum board anchor, dowel with nail, impact anchor)

Fasteners (screw with drill bit, for fastening wood and metal)

Fasteners (screws for fastening window and door frames)

Fastened to walls, fastened to the ceiling (fasteners)

Holds flexible hose firmly (DIY greenhouse)

Fastening paper with a button using a magnet

Fastening the Christmas tree to the ceiling

Fastening the curtain rail

Fastening the guide bush (on a hand-held milling machine)

Fastening the hinges to the folding table cover

Fastening the greenhouse film with an old hose

Leisure chair (wicker chair)

Canvas upholstered armchair

Armchair with apple scent

Chair, swing, rocking chair, couch

Armchair, bed, bookcase and laundry box

Rocking chair - simple and comfortable

Crosspiece for the Christmas tree. from the tree

Natural wood bed

Tool holder made of plastic pipes

Wood knot bracket

Little Raccoon (Battery Trailer Towing Vehicle)

Round solution for right angle (corner sofa and square slab table)

Fence lace (how to make a netting)

The porch is the hallmark of your home

Porch for a country house three options (eco-friendly, traditional, glass and steel)

Covered parking in the country

The roof slides off the roof (roof rack-tent for autotourists)

The lid went off. Rearranging furniture using polyethylene covers

Sewing machine needle hook

Who lives in the house? (children's furniture)

Who is not familiar with this? (use of metal mesh and fiberboard for fencing water pipes, electric heaters, etc.)

What to do with the fragments of the band saws?

Where did the spark go (troubleshooting the ignition system)

Elenka body (traveling box-stool with folding wheels)

Strike the iron. (about hand forging)

Cultivator Mole with electric motor

Buy or do it yourself (dining table)

Boardwalk treatment course

Shrub rose: preparation for winter

Window couturier (advertising article by VEKA)

Outdoor kitchen

Robinson's Kitchen (Nettle, Burdock and Horsetail Dishes)

Robinson's Kitchen (dandelion, plantain, coltsfoot, thistle dishes)

Robinson's Kitchen (elecampane delicacies, goat willow)

Robinson's cuisine (delicacies from calendula, spreading quinoa, lake reeds)

Kitchen stove with symmetrical heat shield

Antique kitchen shelf

Country Style Kitchen Shelf

Kitchen utensils (vases, mobile kitchen table, screw stool, cutting table, wooden spatulas and spoons, combined shelf with drawers, bottle storage rack, folding stool and table)

Kitchen serving table on casters

DIY kitchen accessories

Kitchen stuff (hanger, grid holder, shelves and drawers)

Kitchen racks - beautiful and practical

Kitchen breakfast bar

Kitchen set (wall cabinet-bedside table)

Kitchen revolver (rotating spice rack)

Kitchenette: maximum comfort in a minimum of space

Daybed for relaxing in the sun

Daybed: wooden frame, foam rubber, patchwork cover

Laboratory power supply

Scrap metal floor joists

Loophole for your beloved cat

Lamellar router broadens horizons

Super gloss laminate

Fantasy lamp: beautiful composition of river sand

Lamps in a new light (original luminaires)

Chest made of oak, dyed with ammonia vapor

Legendary cruiser of the revolution (cruiser Aurora and its blueprints)

Light boat (upholstered frame boat)

The car is carrying a lengthy

Is it comfortable to lie down? It will be comfortable to sit! How to turn a couch into a sofa

Line for tightening screws in hard-to-reach places

Forest swarm (homemade products for beekeepers)

Slate roof ladder

Staircase from a unified set of parts

Ladder technology (repair of wooden stairs)

Summer chalet - guest house

Summer chalet - guest shelter

Summer preparations (frozen berries, freezing spicy herbs, frozen mushrooms, drying green peas, drying carrots and onions, drying vegetable mixtures and spicy plants)

Summer house for rabbits

Summer house with sloping roof

Summer relaxation in a quiet garden

Summer on the windowsill (flower cabinet)

Lianas for vertical gardening

Home router ruler

The ruler should be a tool

Personal library (set of shelving furniture)

Heat trap (how to increase the heat transfer of a cast iron stove)

Boat - Car Roof

Boats. made of cardboard and paper

Bed spoon

Local wastewater treatment system

Fork shovel using plywood or sheet metal

Submersible pump tray

Better to hang than drag (rearranging furniture)

Skis joined the wall (ski poles - craft material)

Favorite attraction (children's swing)

Luminescent Phoenix. Homemade! (use of burnt out energy saving lamps)

Chandelier for a summer residence in 5 minutes

Chandelier made of wooden slats (two projects)

The magic of white (painting the walls)

A magnet in a carpenter's arsenal

Magnetic memo board

Magnetic mirror (for attaching notes)

Magonia - an evergreen beauty

Layout of masonry from blocks of double length

Macro photography with a soap dish (homemade gadgets for the amateur photographer)

Maximum comfort with minimum space

Small drill for big things

Small bench shaker style

Small but roomy entrance hall

Little tricks of a country house

Little Whirlwind for energetic kids (kids scooter)

Small zoo made of rails and balls

Small-sized ORP of engineer Shirkov

We prepare small boats for winter

Small forms of garden architecture (flower garden, recreation area, arch)

Small tricks of one arrangement

Baby is naughty (washing machine repair)

Painter advises (painting technology)

Maneuverable and reliable (Zubrenok tractor)

Oiler in the washing machine

Oiler made of plastic bottle and ballpoint pen

Haste churn

We make shelves (various types of shelves)

Workshop in a small apartment: 4 possible options

Notes for the craftsman (end cut fence, radial stop)

Materials for fixtures

Mattress - the secrets of a comfortable sleep

Furniture of the 21st century? (dining set made of rectangular pipes)

Furniture for the nursery (furniture for newborn care)

Furniture gets on its feet (furniture repair)

Chipboard furniture is easy!

Natural wood furniture combined with fabric

Furniture from uniform parts

Furniture on fluoroplastic gaskets

Furniture variations with rack supports

Furniture fantasies for youth

Furniture set from twenty

Attic furnishings (sideboard, workplace with desk)

Megaton home physiotherapy

Medvedka in a modern way (device for moving logs and beams)

Media skate (racks for radio equipment)

Media stand with bar and secretaire

Interfloor concrete staircase

Small canned food (canned sorrel, beetroot leaves and soup seasoning, fruit purees, pickled garlic)

Melodies. in concrete (concrete loudspeakers)

Melodic voice for phone

Little things for home comfort

There is never less! (homemade baby washing machine)

We change the roof, we insulate the roof

Changing the bathroom environment

We change windows (installation of double-glazed windows)

Meeting point - new bathroom (bathroom renovation)

Japanese-style resting place

A place for skilled hands (re-equipment of the loggia)

A place in the sun (open terrace with a marquise)

Place for old buckets in the sun

High-tech micro kitchen

Ballpoint pen refill microfiber

Mini-car with a body made of scotch tape

Mini aquarium for photography

Miniature security device

Mini compressor in two versions

Mini snowmobiles powered by a scooter

World of dragons (decoration of drainpipes and lamps)

Myths and truths about linoleum

Reusable aerosol cans

Multi-faceted shelving (wood shelving)

Multilevel voltage indicator

Multifunctional and compact fireplace stove

Multifunctional bookcase

Multipurpose garden house

Mobile bases (for machines)

Mobile playpen for babies

Mobile light (organization of lighting in the house)

Mobile circular table

Lathe modernization

Upgraded heat gun

We modernize the motor-cultivator Cascade

Fashionable haircuts for. trees and shrubs

Headset module: practical and beautiful

Modular furniture, or Cubes for adults

Modular design (furniture set)

My hobby (furniture made by I. Klochan)

My experience with vinyl siding

My corner is never small for me (compact furniture)

Wet border (flat paint line)

The moment of the bite - both light and sound

Monoblock circular and router

Washbasin fittings installation

We mount the roof window

We mount a wall-hung toilet

Marine exotic (crafts from shells)

Marine knots (flat, figure eight, bleached, fishing and retractable bayonet, noose with a hose)

Marine knots (straight, reef, fishing)

Marine knots (Angler knot, arbor, burlak, double arbor, halyard, clamping)

Sea knots (tortoiseshell, tightening noose)

Marine knots (clew, bramskot)

Moscow craft festival

Milling cutter: both a plowman and an excavator

Two-handed saw blade hoes

Powerful single channel low frequency amplifier

Music in the Wall: Embedded MP3 Player

Multimax - a bookcase in a children's corner

Coupling for connecting funnel and bottle from medicine bottle caps

A fly swatter from a dust-beater and nylon stocking

We were born to make a fairy tale come true

Upholstered furniture creates favorite compositions

Soft sheath (case for cutting tools)

Soft hammer in five minutes

The soft light of the Japanese wall

Styrofoam upholstered armchair

Balls-shock absorbers (elastic supports for speakers)

Will dry on the balcony (lifting dryer)

Jack of all trades (essay on V. Gorbachev)

On two legs (table, lined with fiberglass)

On two floats (cycling catamaran)

On a note. Joiner's boards

One-legged (weeding chair)

On springs. (spring rocker)

On the way home (building a terrace)

To the delight of children (how to turn a common children's room into two separate ones and equip sleeping places for children, arrange a corner for a swing, a rope ladder, a slide in the nursery)

On the Russian VHF band

In case it spills. (Mikado hanger)

On a stepladder - safe

On the topic of pergolas (types of pergolas)

In the attic with comfort (how to equip an attic)

South, North, West, East (coffee table)

A set of floats in half a day

Garden furniture set (table and chairs)

Canopy for a two-wheeled friend

Garden tool shed

Hitching the plow to the Agros walk-behind tractor

Above the entrance to the house (porch with a canopy)

Above the entrance to the basement (canopy)

Reliable protection in extreme conditions

Reliable barrier for insects

A reliable tool is the basis of craftsmanship

Safe contact (battery terminal)

Reliable homemade lock

Bedside table: worth a try

Click-transplant (machine for manual transplanting of shrubs and seedlings)

Sandpaper for curved surfaces

Pendulum saw ruler with stop

The tip of the umbrella needle - from the shaft of a ballpoint pen

Film winder

Applying liquid flux with a felt-tip pen

Thimble for long nails

Advice to the creators of caravans

Extension of a television cable

Tapping long rods

Soldering iron attachment for cutting synthetic carpets

Vibrator attachment for electric drill

Chicken from the refrigerator (household incubator)

Berendey's legacy (techniques for working with birch bark)

Water pump without electricity and gasoline

Wall shelf Croissant

Wall rainbow (corrugated plastic shelving)

Wall storage from an old bucket or tank

Wall-mounted workbench with router

Wall-mounted tool stand

Wall hook from an old toothbrush

Rustic wall cabinet

Wall-mounted key storage box

Country style table lamp

Table lamp and floor lamp

Colander table lamp

Plywood table lamp

Table quartet (table lamps)

Desktop multipurpose (attachments to the Skillful hands machine)

Bench drill and milling machine

Real wooden beds

Natural glazes, oils, waxes for wood surfaces

Not everyone knows. (replacement of parts of the steering linkage joints of Moskvich)

Do not dig, but sift (how to facilitate the work of preparing the soil in the beds)

Does not start. (elimination of malfunctions preventing the engine from starting)

Not a toy, but a machine (drilling machine)

Not on the wall, but on the table (tiled countertops)

Not one petrolatum (garden putty)

Do not lift heavy objects (platform on casters for moving loads)

Not by hand - by a crane (homemade lightweight construction crane)

Do not rake, but roll (snow compaction skids)

Inspection is not so scary (repair of the steering gear of Muscovites)

Not only arch (arch - storage of inventory and firewood)

Take your time to throw away (chair)

Not Tula, but Moscow miracle samovar

Don't slam the door (sliding door)

No worse than a real water jet (cleaning the water main)

Skyscraper with honey (multi-tiered hives)

Indispensable helpers (tool holder, sharpening stop, ruler slider, corrugated pipe clamp)

Malfunctions of modern mixers

A little about wood staining

A bit of the past in the future (for camcorder owners)

Non-musical Allegro (sofa)

Unusual nursery (from cubes)

Unusual lamp (using elements of plumbing equipment)

Unusual box (souvenirs)

Unusual compositions behind glass (pictures in the light of tulle, feathers, lace)

Unusual jigsaw (with breaking frame)

Fixed knife for a meat grinder

Continuous home canned food sterilizer

Fireproof partition in the bath

A few useful little things (easel for drying workpieces, a rail-ruler, a loading platform with a swivel wheel, sockets with a cord, tool clips)

Some tips for repairing sneakers

Non-standard solution (tower cabinet)

An unconventional view of standard things (essay on A. Chernov)

Inconvenient? Can be corrected (turning on the electric saw)

Drilling machine level

New life for cans

A new life for an ordinary dresser

New life of an old refrigerator (replacement of a thermostat)

New life for old chairs

New gate to the old fence

New kitchen at no extra cost

New polyurethane foam from Soudal

New upholstery for old chairs

New in solid carbide drills

Newbie becomes a sniper (garage setup)

New Year's decoration of the children's room

Tupperware-style New Year's delicacies

Christmas toys made of water

New Year's decor for home and garden

Christmas garland in half an hour

Christmas tree growing at home

New is a well renovated old (buffet)

A new look of old furniture

New frame for the old couch

New dress for the old chair

Revitalizing old trees (planting and pruning fruit trees)

New types of joinery connections

New features of the rechargeable handheld flashlight

New features of the electric drill (a set of interchangeable tools, a sharpening machine)

The new look of the old chair

New look of the old cabinet

New-old kitchen cabinet

Trimmer knife attachment

Foot operated cistern

Ax scabbard from a piece of hose

Knife-ax-shovel - in one bottle

Stretcher with door handles

NTTM-2005 - traditions in action

Well oh-very long extension cord

Well, a very small two-story

The right tool is always at hand

About free sites for large families

About ventilation of the cellar and garage

About carpets non-standard and unusual

About the smokehouse and fish smoking

Drawer extension mechanisms

About youth who will change the world (VIII All-Russian exhibition NTTM)

About tapping water pipes

About retaining walls and stone steps

Oasis in the middle of the room (flower colonnade)

Dining fan for a small kitchen (dining table)

Dining area (corner bench)

Facing with artificial stone

Facing hearths with decorative tiles

Tiling steps

Renovation of concrete steps

Bathroom renovation

Shower cabin renovation

Updating the eraser with sandpaper

Renovation of marble products

Attic heating (installation of a light heating stove)

Doghouse heater

Wallpaper in the role of veneer (pasting doors)

Will be cheaper (headset for young people)

We equip the balcony (compact wardrobe with folding table)

Sheet metal processing

Lifestyle (essay on S. Shcherbin)

Trimming the cladding board taking into account the unevenness of the ceiling

We serve the plumbing ourselves

We will furnish the living room (set of chipboard and glass)

Shoes from the forest (making wooden shoes)

We equip a small size (mezzanine shelf, radio equipment rack, kitchen set)

Arrangement of the patio

Arrangement of the garage (floor, cladding, gates, workshop)

Arrangement of a door niche

Cellar arrangement (door with lifting device, forced ventilation)

Vegetable storage on the balcony

Vegetable storehouse on the balcony (option two - from chipboard)

Vegetable storage on the balcony (option one - from foam plates)

Vegetable shelf (hanging shelf for storing vegetables and herbs)

Garden pyramid (support for climbing plants)

Garden marker (seed planting method)

Pendulum saw guard

Radiator guard - heated towel rail

Battery charging current limiter

Staple zipper travel stop

Cucumbers on the compost bed

Burn (what measures should be taken in case of a burn)

Greening the window (lattice for the corner with plants on the window)

Edging for an old diplomat

Antique window binding

Battery rejuvenation with a vice

He was on the Golden Ring (velomobile Rainbow)

He knows for sure. (essay on S. Zavodskov)

It is not low, not high (summer one-room house with a veranda)

Garden fork ladder support

Support leg with rollers

Metal supports (for climbing plants)

Arbor for turning flat wooden parts

Determining Coaxial Cable Parameters

Determine humidity (psychrometric table)

Again about the sawmill (homemade sawmill)

Original planed board bed

Original bathroom furniture

Original headsets (homemade lamps)

Original candlesticks for Bright Easter

Original decor (drawing patterns on pieces of furniture)

Tools for the autumn digging

Refreshing a faded bouquet of flowers

The lighting is controlled by a vending machine

Free the line (paired phone annunciator)

Free your hands (pedal drive for drilling machine)

Autumn preparations (ginger pumpkin, spicy pumpkin seasoning, autumn jam, lingonberries in bottles, rosehip liqueur, pickled lingonberries, mushrooms in a spicy marinade, quince jelly with pineapple, quince candies)

Autumn preparations (canned cucumbers, pickled zucchini, vegetable hodgepodge, marinated porcini mushrooms, sauerkraut)

Autumn preparations (cucumbers and tomatoes in their own juice, eggplant caviar, sauerkraut with apples, sauerkraut salad with carrots and apples, sterilized onions, home sterilizer)

Autumn preparations (fresh blueberries, strawberries in their own juice, five-minute jam, medicinal blackcurrant liqueur, drying fruits and berries)

Equip your porch with a handy scraper

We equip the kitchen (connecting kitchen appliances to the power supply and water supply)

Features of growing tomato seedlings

Features of growing tomato

Features of the repair of bathroom faucets

Features of TV reception with stereo sound

Glazing of balconies and loggias

Island in the kitchen (work stove with shelves)

From scarcity to abundance (we make a jig)

Edge-to-edge (built-in furniture wall)

From a small shelf to a large shelving unit

From our car to your yard (molds for casting blocks from cases of old batteries)

From the sun, from the wind (collapsible awning)

Large diameter hole - wooden strip and two nails

Hole in a round bar

Hole in sheet, bar and tube

Holes - by level (jig for precise drilling of holes)

Give zero (connecting a 380 V three-phase motor to a 220 V single-phase network)

Spray paint finishing

Decorating with decorative nails

Finishing wood products

Decorating the cabinet with wood panels, or How to save 300,000 rubles

Finishing furniture with Japanese lacquer

Plastic finishing of window frames

Relaxation in comfort (garden furniture set)

Relax in comfort (sun lounger)

Apartment key opener

Open, practical shelves

Heated outdoor pool

Heating and cooking - inherited

Heating and cooking stove Daria

Heating and cooking room with fireplace insert (oven)

Heating and cooking room with a simple fireplace

Heating plate for the Suschevsky stove

Heating a country house

Heating is controlled by an automatic machine

Tear off. effortlessly (detaching the tire bead from the rim flanges)

We steam the furniture (cleaning the furniture upholstery from the glue)

Scarer device (from rodents and birds)

Reflective insulation for windows

Office. in the corridor (computer corner in the apartment)

Hunting mosquitoes with a plastic cover

Security - reliable and simple (relay protection devices)

Security alarm for your homestead

Burglar alarms can be upgraded

The charm of aquamir (how to make an aquarium)

The charm of a flat floor (use of polymers)

The enchanting art of batik

Cleaning the spatula using the longitudinal grooves in the tin can

Cleansing fountain (device for cleaning and rinsing engine parts and assemblies)

Pagoda in the kitchen (hood)

Parade of beautiful dishes (cupboard)

Paradise of the young surfer

Front entrance (design examples)

Steam room made of paper (thermal insulation of the steam room with paper)

A pair of skillful hands (arrangement of a garden plot)

Floating shelves (cantilever shelves)

Cartridges for a garland of tube lids

The soldering iron will still serve (replacing the heater of the electric soldering iron)

Pencil case and vase from. plastic bottles

Foam concrete in the interior (rest corner)

Beer can ashtray

Transportation of plywood in a pickup truck

Glass block partition

Climbing plant partition with grate

Mobile bar table

Alteration of the table lamp

Redesigning a floor brush

Alteration of the ceiling lamp

Alteration of the flow heater

Converting the barn into a guest house

Curtain bar without wall drilling

Transferring liquid without a funnel

Portable tool box for roof work

Reconstruction of the bathroom (shower cabin made of glass blocks)

Bathroom remodeling (dressing table with built-in sink, wall unit)

Bathroom remodeling (bedside table for storing bathroom accessories)

Conversion of the attic into a three-room apartment

Remodeling an old bathroom

Car pump adapter (for bike)

Drill adapter (adapter for taper shank drills)

Chimney adapter

Camera adapters

Railings for adults and children

Sandbox - pirate ship

Colorful charm: Crazy patchwork

Loops on steel cables with nuts

Printed patterns (painting cribs with stamps)

Printing when cutting locks

Stoves, stoves, stoves (an overview of the designs of stoves and fireplaces)

Stove in the river (water heating in an ice-hole for animals to drink)

Bee stove (bee heater)

Pechkina clothes (plastering the oven)

Stove unit (combined stove with a two-burner stove, a heating shield, a fireplace and a stove)

Furnace unit: heats, cooks, and washes

Stove station wagon (heating and cooking stove)

Stove stories (errors in fireplace designs)

Furnace craftswomen (stove with fireplace)

Oven without ordering A. Yampolsky

Furnace generator (gas generator furnace)

Kamenka stove (from two steel barrels)

Kamenka stove (from a steel barrel)

Stove-fireplace by architect Potapov

Walking through the snowdrifts (snowshoes)

Roadside picnic (converting a minibus into a tourist version)

We saw in hard-to-reach places using a piece of a hacksaw blade and a hand vise

Sawing veneered workpiece

Saws in two directions (Xpert plywood saw)

Lumber in a rack on wheels

Pyramid for home flowers

Writing desk for the student: options are possible

Desk: a variant of planes at different levels

Write letters! (how to make an envelope)

Smooth inclusion of the power amplifier

Planning and improvement of a small plot

Layout and furnishing of a children's room

Plastic bottle in the cistern

Plastic bottles for storing bulk products

Plastic and very durable (how to bend wood and make products from bent wood)

Plastic inserts for a telephone wire screw

Plastic clay (glue for plastics)

Animation platform

Film reflector in a greenhouse

Film solar dryer

Wicker screen for your garden

Weaving (weaving materials, tools)

Weaving: (material preparation)

Skirting board for uneven floors

Rubber spring pliers

The boat swam, swung (single punt)

Stumps - separately, roots - separately!

By business and by rank (organization of the workplace: shelves-brackets, drawers, a box for sandpaper, hangers for clamps)

By business and by rank (organization of the workplace: a cabinet for drills, a rack for materials, workpieces under the ceiling, a clamp holder)

Archimedes' law (water scales)

The horses! (children's toy - horse)

Modeled after Art Nouveau: flowers in an exquisite setting

According to the principle of a coffee grinder (grinder)

Following in the footsteps of past publications

Let's chat with the comforts (bedside table for the phone, combined with a bench)

Swivel platform for TV

Under the car - on wheels (roller stand for repair)

Under a single roof (shed for storage, workshop and resting area)

Under the stairs. (how to equip a study under the stairs)

Under a snow blanket (snow shelters for storing potatoes)

Gift to the defender of the Fatherland

Hanging decorative plates

Plywood pendant lamp

The feat of the battleship (about the battleship Potemkin)

Movable section in front of the rack

Fitting drawers

Preparation of the concrete subfloor

Garden tool preparation (rust removal, sharpening)

Blower for welding (welding machine)

Battery recharging without circuit (recharging from another galvanic cell)

Recharging disc batteries with a clothespin and batteries 373

Podium with drawers

Variable geometry podium

We connect a fluorescent lamp

Connecting a single-phase electric motor with a starting winding

Connecting three-phase motors

Stepping stone to the thief (revision of the ignition lock)

Victorian style tray (decoupage)

Window sill for seedlings and flowers

Strap soles (homemade sandals)

Candlestick from scrap materials

Candlestick made of cookie cutters

Candlesticks with wind protection

The utility room is very unusual

Stand for newspapers and magazines

Stand for books, videotapes

Stand for the float of the cistern, preventing it from jamming

Stand for flowers on a festive table

Lift for small construction sites

Lift on a small construction site

Lifting equipment for garage

Lifting device for garage

Overhead garage door

We will take care of warmth and comfort

Phase search by radio

Search for Forgotten Technologies (Antique Tiles)

Truly versatile (movable collapsible table)

Until the thunder breaks out (lightning rod in the country)

Hardwood flooring

Field Charger for Mobile Phones

Useful add-on to the phone (off-hook indicator)

Useful Looking Glass (hallway mirror)

Useful little things (storage carousel, brush curlers, hilt brush, syringe cartridge, rank drills, key holder, overhead storage)

Useful crafts (flower girl, corner shelf, storage cassette)

Helpful hints (mosquito net, guide spout, clean hinges, cartridge lasts longer)

Helpful tips (for even wear, without getting your hands dirty, save on files, squeak-free floors, hot-melt dowels)

Useful tips and recipes (trash farm, harvesting herbs, homemade tomato juice, berry picker)

Polishing a sharpened tool

Early 20th century style shelf

Shelf for kitchen utensils

Shelf for hand tools

Organic glass shelf

Shelf with mirror in the hallway

Shelves from. gutters

Weighted shelves (without brackets)

Shelves on universal brackets

Stroller runners and awning

Towel warmers - in business

Cleaning brush and old shoe

Rustic shelf

Bathroom shelves - from drawers of a desk

Shelves with oval sides

Obtaining ferric chloride

Help yourself (wheelchair lift)

Help those who are bedridden (remote control of electrical appliances)

Car tire helped (improvement of automatic boiler)

Two boards will help (a device for sorting potatoes)

Helps in the fight against whitefly (catching device)

Potato grower assistants (manual row-spacing ripper, electric winch)

Let's work with the muffler (replacement)

Plugged piston (seal to prevent gas breakthrough between the cylinder walls and the piston)

Order on the site (repair of a gate, fence, garden path)

Tidiness at home (garden equipment rack)

Grandfather planted a turnip. (turnip dishes)

Semiautomatic planting machine (mechanism for seeding seeds into the soil)

Sowing annuals for seedlings

After washing (linen lift)

Ceiling covered with stars

Trekking Tube (Hiking Cooking Device)

Repairing water taps

Almost like a theater (shade-free lamp arrangement)

Laundry at home (re-arrangement of plumbing)

Converting a garden chair (into a chair)

Converting an old table (table restoration)

Converting an old closet (cupboard from closet)

Door lock fuse

Engine preheating

Representatives of the pruning tribe

Warn the signaling device (for Moskvich and Zhiguli)

Lovely awning (retractable awning curtain)

Transformation of the main entrance

Pine wardrobe transformation

Convert 24 Volts to 12

Press V. Rudanovsky - in action (for the manufacture of bricks and cinder blocks)

Home Wine Press

Radiation monitoring device

Pick-up table for circular saw

Techniques (dovetail chisel, machine trolley, homemade humpback planer, tool hanger)

Application of a computer power supply

Natural materials in the improvement of the site

Tool for inserting locks

Tool for grooving a keyway in a joint Miter

Slotting device

Tool for drawing large arcs


Attachment for sharpening cutting tools

Spring Coil

Notching device

Upholstery tool

Soldering device (soldering iron attachment)

Lead dressing and sharpening device

Device for working with scotch tape

Marking device

Device for sawing boards at an angle

Miter saw attachment

Reproduction device

Tool for drilling holes with pockets

Tool for bending plastic sheets

Mustache gluer

Corner gluer

Frame gluing device

Tool for removing and installing the power unit of Zaporozhets

Facing device

Face drilling attachment

Device for precise cuts

Router attachment

Attachment for milling oblique dowels

Edge milling attachment

Strongman device (homemade gate)

BBQ accessories (grab handles, etc.)

Wall-mounted pergola above the open terrace

Household watchman (security device for country and garden houses)

Hallway in crimson tones

Hallway business card of your home

Trailer for Izh (homemade motorcycle trailer)

Inflatable catamaran transport trailer

A letter came from Latvia (essay about V. Pimanov)

Cork makes furniture attractive again (dresser renovation)

Proven in practice (well digging device)

Let's check the devices (check the dashboard)

Walking tandem (tandem bike)

Extending the life of the window frame

Continuing the greenhouse theme (round timber greenhouse, cover - from plastic bottles, greenhouse frame - from PVC pipes)

Floodlight made of a 3-watt bulb

Transparent wood finish

Gaskets and valves - under control

Simple ladder - simple tricks

Simple mechanization of Boris Izvekov (flexible shaft engraving machine)

Simple mechanization of Boris Izvekov (drilling machine from a device for fixing an electric drill)

Simple mechanization of Boris Izvekov (drum grinder)

Simple mechanization of Boris Izvekov (grinding machine from table lathe)

Boris Savin's simple heating stove

Simple water purification system

The simplest universal machine tool

Just a bridge (a bridge made of wood)

Simple, beautiful and almost free (kitchen setting)

Simple but tasteful (furniture)

Simple tool for making plastic bags

Simple spring coiling device

A simple solution effective result (how to separate a sleeping place with a curtain)

A simple engraver for drawing patterns on wood surfaces

Simple conductometer (device for determining the electrical conductivity of liquids)

Simple material, graceful armchair

A simple, practical wardrobe that matches any setting

Simple collapsible workbench

The easy way to remove rust

Simple wood lathe

Simple universal (machine)

Simple, cheap, comfortable kitchen corner

Simplicity of shape (hallway hanger)

Simple joining of metal blanks

Gasoline-saving anti-theft device

Siphon cleaning and outlet repair

Cleaning the washbasin siphon

Cleaning pipes with a hose in a metal braid from the shower

Sandbox pond or greenhouse

The spring works for twisting

Bar and pipe - in the interior

Spicy country magic

Fruit seed buttons

Atomizer from medical pear and aerosol can

Starting device for the D-8 engine

Empty container is not an empty thing

Bee Taxi (transporting bees to honey plants)

Dust remover from ski poles

Vacuum cleaner for sorting berries

Fifteen ideas for decorating a hallway

Lying on its side (hydraulic jack, working in any position)

Working on a lathe

Work it right! (various methods of work)

It will become easier to work (revision of the shovel)

Workplace for two schoolchildren

Workplace for a home craftswoman

Electrician workplace

Work table for belt sander

Work table. with mezzanine

Work corner of a schoolboy, student

Radio communication at home, in the country, in the car

A rainbow from a spray can (a device for painting various homemade things)

One - a plank, two - a plank (rack of boards)

Collapsible arched greenhouse

Collapsible greenhouse in the country

Craftsman's collapsible workbench

Unscrewing old pipes. boiling water

Conversation about Russian tiles

Sliding lattice table

Sliding table with insert and sliding covers

Cutting board with knife box

Hole center marking

Marking a cylindrical workpiece

Placing tools on folding boards

Dismantling the electric pump is now easy

Paradise hut (house 3x3 meters in plan)

Paradise tree ... at the head

Frames, frames, frames for pictures, photos and children's drawings

Rhapsody on a computer (workplace in an old bookshelf)

Coloring fabric for sun loungers

Cutting out aluminum strips

Cutting sheet materials

Revealing a secret: a nail in a fist is not a trick, but a practical technique

Printing envelopes (how to design materials for publication)

Printing envelopes (errors in preparing materials for publication)

Spacer for door frame

Sprinkler spray nozzle

Diffused light - in 5 minutes

Masonry mortar

A child grows - furniture grows (a set of children's furniture)

Bricklaying joints

Expanding the possibilities of the workbench

Adjustable assembly table

Hyundai-Getz Wiper Blade Regulator

Power regulator for heating devices

Fumigator power regulator

Lighting dimmer

Rack structures (furniture)

Rubber chuck (original drill clamp)

Cutting sheet materials

Insulating materials cutting

Carved photo frame

Carved table using block mosaic technique

Thread and threading tools

Threaded holes in round rods

Reincarnation of the power supply

Thicknesser for side edge

Reconstruction of a sauna stove with a stove bench

Reconstruction of the bathroom

Record, Ruby, Tempo still work

Embossed tricks (painting the walls)

Road repair

Bicycle wheel repair

Repair of a valve head with a reciprocating stem movement

Repair of wooden planking

Repair of wooden flooring (on terraces and balconies)

Charger repair

Repair and manufacture of mallets

Apartment renovation (repainting of walls, repair of tiles)

Meat grinder repair using a distance ring

Repair of window frames and window sills

Voltage Multiplier Suction Cup Repair

Repair of sockets? Everyone can do it

Repair of roofing felt roofs

Repair of the ignition system of the Druzhba chainsaw

Repair of electric fireplace and convector

We repair a car bumper

We repair Dandy (game console repair)

We repair wooden windows

We repair the valve (repair of the valve head with a reciprocating stem movement (continued)

We repair the mixer (with a plug-type switch)

Repair bike rack (rack for repair and adjustment of the bike)

Restoration of balcony railings

Restoration of garden furniture

Restoration of an old table

Restoration of an old bed

Restoration of an antique table

We restore brickwork

We solve plumbing problems (drain cleaning)

Drawings will help to increase the pantograph, or the Scale grid

A drawing of nature in your home (wardrobe with sliding door and movable compartment)

Rose or amazing rose hips?

The socket must be reliable (on the manufacture and installation of socket outlets)

Roller trolley for large plates

Romantic duo: wallpaper and border

The plane is ready for planing

Recoil planer

Articulated handle planer

Chop a well. ax (discussion of the article Well without problems)

Melee with weeds (hand cultivator)

Plastic bottle faucet handle

Meat grinder horn (removable bell)

Russian beauty (Russian stove faced with tiles)

Russian improved stove with stove and hot water tank

Siphon canister file handle

Potentiometer knob - rubber stopper

Glass jar handles

Lid handles (for glass lids of pots and pans)

Manual vegetable slicer

Hand grinding and polishing

Manual milling machine based on the station wagon drive

Fishing in greenhouse conditions (greenhouse - fisherman's house)

Fish scraper from board and bottle caps

With any remote control, the lighting can be controlled from a distance

With a burned-out filament

From a developer's point of view

Three sides (shovel with side knives)

Where do skyscrapers or a house under a table begin?

Reciprocating saw and its secrets

Garden in the garden (inner garden)

Garden petrol equipment without repair

Garden furniture (couch, armchair, table)

Garden furniture made from timber

Garden furniture: renovation, renovation, rain protection

Garden bench with folding table

Andrey Belenin's Garden Baths

Garden buildings. almost without words (trellis, sofas, arch)

Garden vacuum cleaners and blowers

Garden in two rooms with an attic

Garden house in three steps

Garden hearth from finished parts

Sadovy teremok: fast, cheap, convenient

Plant asparagus in September

Lettuce, onions, garlic, parsley grow ... in flower beds

Himself a cook (beet salad, autumn salad, potato soup and roll, milk cocktail, dough for instant pies)

Your own cook (balls with cloves, apple cream, onion schnitzel with cheese, white cabbage with sausage, Czech pancakes, cherry cocktail)

I will water it myself (installation for watering when the soil dries out)

Homemade bending (pipe bender)

Homemade rubber boat

Homemade miter box with clip

Homemade gas burners

Homemade lathe sponges

Homemade stove appliances and fittings

Homemade backpack for cars

Homemade snowmobile with a caterpillar from Buran

Homemade latch for greenhouse door

Vertical takeoff aircraft

Self-propelled mower (electric drive)

Boxwood from couturier (decorative forms of the garden)

The most mystical piece of furniture (mirror)

Sanduny in the garden (construction of a bath)

Well orderly (how to make a bucket for cleaning wells)

Good work sleds (Canadian version)

Shed for garden tools

Sauna for the harmful barbel (on the fight against woodworm)

Dust collection in the workplace

Prefabricated heating fireplace

Welding - coin (polyethylene welding)

Gas-shielded welding

Welding by the rules (all about welding)

Welded table with painted top

Welding machine, simple and reliable

Welding transformer (elimination of inaccuracies)

Fresh or not? (determination of egg freshness)

Drilling holes in the edges of the chipboard

Drilling holes in the hinges for lubrication

Drilling holes in a pipe with a drill and a block of wood

Drilling and milling machine from a microscope

Drilling - from a drill etc. motorcycle

Drilling machine from a photo enlarger

Drill - to a given depth

The light turns on. cat (twilight switch)

Light turns on automatically

Interior light (room decoration)

Japanese style lamp

Lamp for a summer residence - do it yourself

A lamp from a burned-out lamp

Light path in the yard

LED lighting in the kitchen

LED technology at home

Macro LED Illuminator

LEDs in the arched niche

LEDs: light is 10 times cheaper

Light is controlled by electronics

Glowing roof in your apartment

Glowing roof in your apartment (mezzanine)

Candle on the holiday table

Your own artificial pond - two options

Your boat in the car

Own corner (children's furniture)

A burned-out electric plane will still serve (a woodworking machine based on an old electric plane)

Phase shift (connecting a three-phase motor to a single-phase network)

Sliding shelving at the headboard

Make yourself a mangbarku (brazier with barbecue modification)

Make a staircase? It is possible - and not difficult!

Harvesting season (sterilization of vegetables)

The pruner is a serious tool

Secrets of tile cladding

Countertop secrets (how to make a countertop)

Sectional cabinet furniture

A rural truck is not a luxury!

Seven options, including two with drawings (stepladders)

Seven Radiator Clothes

Hay mowing (mower and hay collector)

Celtic sideboard

Mahogany sideboard (from old boards)

Serving carousel for breakfast and dinner

Earrings, thimbles. what else do you need to work with a cable?

Mains disconnection indicator

Mains disconnection signaling devices

Low battery alarms

Symbiosis of metal with bricks

Symphony of Gems (about an exhibition of precious and semi-precious stones)

Automatic irrigation system

Security system with GSM phone

Leakage protection system (electronic)

Drip irrigation system

Water leakage control system

Fairy Tale of the North (Scandinavian furniture)

Bench with a seat made of planks on the edge

Campfire benches (country furniture)

Bench delicious flower bed or herb garden

Footrest Bench - Originally from childhood

Scandinavian style - pure wood (sofa and bed with wood frame)

Skate in the interior (furniture using boards on wheels)

Collapsible barrel or Diogenes dream

Foldable canister from car camera

Foldable baby stroller

Foldable couch on wheels

Folding furniture (table, chair, stool)

Folding furniture: convenient and cheap

Folding screen with inlay

Foldable headset for a small living room

Foldable table tennis (table)

Folding frame for table and chair

Folding chair from Bosch

Folding stool both at home and in the garden

Sliding cross-cut table

Sliding stop for router

How much thread does not twist (winder)

Ambulance for the winter garden

Shoe scraper with brushes

Modest, but tasteful (dishes for the festive table)

Virtual servant, real costume (joke table)

A shell on the floor (horizontal bars)

First - the diagnosis, then - the repair (about refrigerators)

Snow under the ridge of the roof will not blow out

Snow man - a horse with a snow mane

Snowmobile - it couldn't be easier!

Snowmobiles by Sergey Khomyakov

Reducing the noise level in the car

Rustic style is back in vogue

Chamfering small round parts

Over time, checking the step (homemade watch)

Putting together a book rack with dowels

It's easy to assemble a computer, you just need to know what's what

Improving welding (attachment - arc exciter)

Tips for car enthusiasts (For Zaporozhets: split casing, two-stage fan, exhaust manifold insulation, deflector, change of crankcase ventilation, studs for installing the centrifuge cover, air intake on the engine compartment cover. For Zhiguli: chain tensioning procedure, tensioner repair, alteration of the crankcase ventilation system)

Tips for car enthusiasts (glue instead of welding a muffler, a fitting for draining a coolant, reconstruction of the fuel intake device of the tank, faults are determined by a radio receiver, an extension cord for installation in hard-to-reach places, lubrication of cables, installation of gaskets, modernization of a spark plug wrench, unbreakable hydrometer)

Experienced advice (body sealing, straightening, anti-corrosion)

Craftsman Tips (for light fishing boat builders)

Tips for gardeners and gardeners

Beekeeper Tips (Portable Bee Drinker, Bee Deck, Drone Catcher, Wasp Trap, Stake Drive, Electric Combo Roller)

Beekeeper Tips (Hornet Cracker, Swarm Trap, Bee Frames)

Old Shoemaker's Tips (Guitar String Needle, Boiling Oil on Shoes)

Glazier tips (glazing windows)

Plasterer tips (method of work)

Modern biofuels: pellet heating

Modern forged products

Dovetail joint

Connecting sheet metal parts with a punch

Mounted connection with mortise spike

Bicycle tube connection of drain pipes

Joints of wooden blanks with dowels

Solder joints of metal workpieces

Floating tenon joints

The sun instead of the boiler room (shower in the country)

Trumpet solo (bunk bed)

Salt shaker from kinder surprise

Construction of a pond in winter

Sorting potatoes (sorting tray)

Maintaining the tightness of the paint can

Save your brushes after renovation

Bedroom in Greek style

Bedroom on wheels. She is a kiosk

Special needle for stringing beads onto a thread

Sled Backrest - For Child Bicycle Seat

Sports simulator (homemade analogue)

Thick threading method

Weighing method for loads up to 100 kg

Wire straightening method

Tool sharpening control method

Method of winding spirals and springs

Method of threading in a thin sheet of metal

Method for cleaning berries from litter with a vacuum cleaner

Hole drilling method for hanging cabinets

Method of installing rubber seals on windows

Hide the girl behind a high fence (screen walls)

Release cable for camera

Artificial foundation machine

Foam Cutting Machine

Groove milling machine

Old bathtub gets a second life (restoration of enamel coating)

Ancient castle in the interior

Old moped - new heart!

Old doors as new (door repair)

Old electric motors will still serve (repair)

An old friend is better (how to fix a knife)

Old as new (chair seat repair)

Old wardrobe trunk - in a new way

Old stream (decorative stream at the summer cottage)

An old chair is better than two new ones

Track stitches (how to choose material for a garden path)

Glass door in 40 minutes

Lumber rack

Rack for slats and profiles

Shelving from the country stairs

Rack for cooler bag

Rack of the zealous owner

Shelving unit with shelves at different levels

Shelving unit that does not take up space

Shelving unit that changes its appearance over the years

Shelving unit: beautiful and practical

Shelving: from wall to wall

Tool racks

Shelving and modular structures

Stand for cutting furniture boards

Wall-screen made of silicate bricks

Walls in new clothes (wallpapering the walls)

ABC stereo sound

Stereo headphones in one evening

Stylized armchairs (wicker)

Stylish and steel (bed)

We erase the compost (compost sifter)

Washing machine in the village (with water pump)

Pocket watch stand

Butcher deck style table

Subject photography table

Modern table with frame

A table that is always with you

Office table with curtain cover

Porcelain stoneware table top

Greek key table

The table plays hide and seek (pull-out table with hinged lids)

The table plays hide and seek (the folded table is disguised as a picture on the wall)

Collector's table (for coin collectors and collectors)

Drawer table

Table with original decor

Floating table

Table covered with ceramic tiles

Table, table, change! (combined table)

Tables - amoeba (side tables with twisting legs)

Tables around the circular

Tables with solid lid

Matryoshka tables: two in one

Tables on trestles and stands

Carpentry (dovetail)

Carpentry (groove and tenon with projection and wedge, manufacture of tongue-and-groove joints)

Carpentry (groove and tenon with a ledge, connection of grooved and other parts of a complex profile, groove and tenon with a one-sided bevel)

Carpentry (groove and tenon)

Carpentry (groove and tenon: options)

Carpentry (groove cutter, comb connection)

Carpentry (half-wood connections: cross, dovetail)

Stopper for securing the boat at the berth

Stopper bar for drawer

Pointer voltmeter with extended scale

The stepladder is the gardener's best friend

Building a house for plants (modular greenhouse)

Build yourself (practice notes on the technology of building a summer cottage or garden house). Roof with attic

Build yourself (practice notes on the technology of building a summer cottage or garden house). Roof arrangement

Build yourself (practice notes on the technology of building a summer cottage or garden house). Cost calculation, project and site selection, foundation

Build yourself (practice notes on the technology of building a summer cottage or garden house). Floor, ceiling, windows, stairs

Build yourself (practice notes on the technology of building a summer cottage or garden house). Storage of building materials, log masonry

Chip vacuum cleaner (for thicknessing machine)

Chair with toolbox

Chair, armchair and coffee table made of chipboard and canvas

Dining Chairs

Step-platform for ladders and stepladders

Twilight switch NK005

Trunk chest for UAZ

Dry bouquets: summer continues!

Shoe dryer (two options)

Line cutlery dryer

Drying chamber for fruits

Happy accident (about stove tiles)

Edible sculptures (artichoke crafts)

Removable plate for machine tools

Removable handle for string bag or bag

Removable car trunk

Save time (template for making frames for beehives)

Surprises will not be scary (MOT of Ufa engines: tightening the timing chain, tightening the pins of the block head, adjusting the valves)

Surprises will not be scary (maintenance of Ufa engines: setting the angle of the closed state of the breaker contacts and the ignition timing, checking the tension of the generator belt, changing the oil in the engine)

Long-legged stool

Stool and toolbox

Taiga history (machines and tools for woodcarving)

Chinese clock timer

Timer with 24-hour cycle

The Mystery of the Pharaohs (sharpening blades with a pyramid)

Such a convenient watering can (homemade watering can with attachments)

Such capricious vacuum cleaners (switch, air suction unit)

Such capricious vacuum cleaners (connecting cords)

Such capricious vacuum cleaners (dust collector fill indicator, flexible hose, cord winding mechanism)

Talent is always multifaceted

The dish looks at the satellite (installation of equipment for receiving satellite television)

Creativity (bench equipment, plywood pots, bucket decor)

Trolley - steeplejack walking up the stairs

Boat motor trolley

Welding machine trolley

Trolley: from the past to the future

Dobson-mounted telescope (travel telescope)

On a dark night, bright and light (garden lighting)

Trends in the improvement of floor coverings

Sun shade

Warm water - for washer

Warm bed (heat from biofuel)

Greenhouse in a string bag (collapsible greenhouse)

Greenhouse with free heating

Metal frame greenhouse

Gable roof greenhouse

Metal frame greenhouses

Greenhouse made of light rail materials

Heat for granny (rural version of the heating and cooking stove by engineer Shirkov)

Heat comes from the floor (underfloor heating - heating from a standard heating system)

Heat from a jar (chemical heating pad)

The warmth of the stove from the warmth of the soul (essay on N. Dolgikh)

Heat by the hands of a neurosurgeon (heating stove)

Heat accumulator from a tin can and paraffin

Heat insulating insert for pot lid handles

Warm house: insulation of walls and ceilings from the inside

Underfloor heating with electric heating

Thermoregulator for electric heater

Thermostat saves heat

Thermal cutter for polystyrene

Quiet water (construction of a pond at a summer cottage)

Silent Mole Hunting (Electronic Rodent Control)

Fabric is an excellent finishing material (cabinet upholstery)

Lathe with foot drive

Wood lathe

Lathe STD-20: new opportunities

Circular saw pusher

Legs stomp along the paved path

Top banana and its ten metamorphoses (furniture for toddlers)

Fuel briquettes made of paper

Knife hatchet (gifts for the housewife)

Socket wrenches - from a fountain pen

Round pendant lamp

One that is not sweeter than a radish (recipes for various horseradish dishes)

Sharpening devices (for sharpening cutting tools)

Traditional writing desk

Stencil murals (how to make painted walls beautiful)

Triangular stove with fireplace

Triangle as a template

Three-phase motor in a household network

Three options for the hallway (wall lamps, corner shelf, wall collage)

Three ways to determine the conclusions of the windings of 3-phase motors

Three Steps to Comfort (Bathroom Shelves)

The trial bike was assembled by myself

Tee + pipe + tee. (pipe machines)

Kokke cane (for the elderly)

A cane-handle for the furnace shutter

Pipe - into business (furniture made of pipes: country furniture, lounge chair, folding furniture)

Pipe - into business (furniture made of pipes: display cabinet, bookcase, kitchen corner, lounge chair)

Dressing table in a polyurethane frame

Dressing table in the bathroom

Dressing table with perfect dimensions

Dressing table with washbasin

Dressing table: simple but elegant

Tuyesok (crafts from birch bark)

Knock knock - woodpecker knock (door knocker)

Universal bedside table

Then the stoker for us and opened our eyes (answers to questions)

Pulling is better than pushing (strengthening the frame of the gate)

My phone rang. (dialer setup, microphone amplifiers)

Our guest is the Curtains magazine

Retractable sewing machine table

Increasing the water resistance of casein glue

Corner slide in English style

Corner sofa with table

Corner fireplace - so far a rarity

Corner cabinet with variable geometry

Non-cracked corners (corner plastering technique)

Breakfast corner for two

Prevents theft. the padlock

Removal of burns on polished surfaces

Successful painting (correct choice of paint and tools)

Crib extension

Short pencil lengthening

Extension cord with switch

Convenient, beautiful, and most importantly - practical (ironing table, retractable into the wall)

Comfortable guitar harness

Convenient work furniture (container on casters)

Comfortable work furniture (wall cabinets and work desk)

Comfortable work furniture (closet)

Convenient and practical corner of the student

Convenient screen under the washbasin

Convenience and comfort (table by the bed)

Fishing rod with reel changer

Laying tiles on linoleum

Taming the Stairs (Advanced DIY Handcart)

Outdoor decorative lamps

Skill notes (centering drawer fronts, marking device, emery bar clamp, bevel grinding mandrel, double clamp)

Universal paint container

Universal handle-holder (for driving screws)

Universal sanding pad

Universal soldering iron tip

Universal railing (for stairs leading to the basement)

Universal power supply

Universal holder (for locksmith tools)

Universal ring light diffuser

Universal kit (mounting hardware)

Universal kitchen island

Universal wall rack

Universal work table

Universal garden hearth

Universal drilling machine from a photo enlarger

Universal machine made of wood

Universal table for power tools

Universal milling table

Universal cabinet with revolving column

Furniture transport packing container

Thread seal for wire screw

Workpiece support for wood carving

Support for books when placed on a shelf

Level gauge and thermometer for pressure tank

The harvest was provided by an automatic window leaf

Lessons in the Woods: Making a Chair

Manor tractor - from scrap

Amplifiers for stereo phones

Terms of the competition for the best design of transformable furniture

Improvement of the charger

Improving the charging of disk batteries with a clothespin and 373 cells

Improving the manual peeler

Miter box for circular saw

Installing the hard drive and CD-ROM

Installing door hardware

Installing a washing machine

Fitting a Hyndai-Getz Wiper Regulator

Installation of drawers

Installing ski bindings

Installation of a roof window

Installation of a plastic window

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

Installing a semi-mortise lock

Installing a water softener

Installing the washing machine

Installing a water filter

Clearing a jammed door

Elimination of small leaks in the cooling system

Power Tool Troubleshooting

Elimination of samovar tap leakage

Elimination of squeak in the ball joints of the chair

Devices for clamping and pressing of workpieces

Wire straightening device

Arrangement of paths and borders

Incandescent halogen lamp protection device

Arrangement of stone paths

Mains voltage monitor

Local sewerage device

Construction of pedestrian paths

Device for smooth switching on of electric lamps

Anti-slip device

Dry sub-floor installation

Pump control device

Vehicle brake light control device

Basement floor insulation

Recyclable waste on a shelf

Duck and other steps (stairs in the country)

Bicycle chain care

Plot in the best light

Learning to work with a spray gun

Coziness in the kitchen (kitchen set)

Cozy bedroom in the attic

Cozy guest house for friends

Cozy corner (corner bench)

Veneering of large surfaces

Salt dough fantasies (figurines)

Fantastic mirror frame

Apron over the kitchen countertop

Apron above the sink (wall cladding above the sink)

Carpenter's apron (apron for placing tools)

Facade with a trellis (how to make a flower box and a trellis lattice)

Shaped cutters from a limitless range

Fedya-puppet (doll toy)

Fibula - brooch from the Middle Ages

Clamp for a ball of thread from a funnel

Clip for clothes hangers

Padlock catch - from latch

Fixing parts end-to-end with a clamp

Fixing the bicycle handlebars

Filigree paper work (making decorative patterns from paper)

Flagship of the insurgent fleet (cruiser Ochakov)

Envelope formula (self-made envelope)

Cardboard photo albums for children's creativity

Framed photos on the wall

Photocall (carrying case for photo accessories)

Photo cuvette for a clean workplace

Homemade block foundation

Functional corner office

Coniferous repellent in the garden and vegetable garden

Bread oven with wood burning stove

Hozblok from a board-fifty

The hostess as a gift (container for cutlery)

As a gift to the hostess (finishing of shelves with pull-out containers)

Nice tongue-and-groove door

Good lard is never enough

Cabbage storage (in plastic bags)

Storing adhesives in a syringe or toothpaste tube

Root storage (in dried marsh moss)

Storing small items in tin can halves

Storing the nitrofill in a medical pear with a tip

Storage (for small size)

Sheet storage

Ceiling storage (for bulky items)

Fragile fragments of summer (dry bouquets)

Piggy on the couch (original pillows)

Artistic reliefs in pewter

Royal bed (canopy bed)

Colored shadows on the wall (double shade flashlight)

Floral arrangement in oriental style

Flower arrangement with carnations

Flowerpot from tin buckets

Flowers in. shoe, scarf and bag (pots in the form of a scarf, shoe, suitcase, wicker pots, two-color pot)

Flowers outside the window (window box for flowers)

Flowers me. obey (caring for home flowers)

Entertainment center (furniture wall for stereo equipment, TV, video tapes and magazines)

Cycle - a universal tool

Cycle - preparation for work

Cycle from a razor blade

Traveler tank (mobile tank for watering and feeding)

Digital thermometer in the bath

Digital thermometer with 16 sensors

Tea drinking on the balcony (table for the balcony)

Outdoor tea

Wheeled tea table

Watch Sea Memories

Needle clock (mechanical timer)

Watch with a decorative plate dial

Embossing on a drilling machine

Embossed cabinet (cabinet for storing baked goods)

Cable hook (for organizing and storing cables)

What is not Adidas (making children's sneakers)

Isn't it the Little Humpbacked Horse? (small-sized universal self-propelled machine)

Attic staircase in the attic

Black and white are always modern (countertop coverings)

We draw a semicircle on the edge of the board

Four pieces in one style

Cover for sofa, armchair. and for shelving

Chip tuning of the injection engine

Cleaning a silted well

Cleaning of copper, silver and gold products

Cleaning the vacuum cleaner pipe with the expander spring

Cleanliness assured (plastic bin bag)

Clean paths (how to repair garden paths)

Clean air in the kitchen and at home

What to do on the site in winter

What you need to know about masonry

To remove the frame (tips for beekeepers)

So that the car does not rust

To protect yourself from surprises (selection of wire cross-section)

To keep the fan from pumping

To make the shot more accurate (refinement of the air rifle)

To prevent the tap from dripping (tap repair)

To keep the lid forever (for cans)

In order not to fail (tire pumps)

Not to forget (note stand)

To prevent the thread from breaking (elimination of breaks when sewing on a typewriter)

To peel vegetables (table with sink)

To keep your fingers intact. (steering repair tool)

To drink clean water (restoration of the filter for water purification)

Miracle couch (couch made of wooden planks)

Ladder template (telescopic template for marking a spiral staircase)

Overlapping template

Washer for a creative child

Washer, washer! (repair of the shower head retainer clip)

Hut in English (country house)

Balls for cones (bike maintenance)

Home fire charm (fireplaces)

Chess composition of nuts and bolts

Swedish with two systems of smoke circulation

Swedish with corner burner

Swedish with four combustion modes

Grill buffet

The sewing machine will last a long time

Deck chair for garden and terrace

Do-it-yourself garden chaise longue

Six pockets keep things organized (storage capacity for handicrafts and other items)

Six ways to tighten the workpieces

Awl from the arch of the frame of glasses

Spike joints with wedge

Cherry wood box

Casket with convex walls

Classic style wardrobe

Drying cabinet for clothes and shoes

Wardrobe with perforated doors

Wardrobe-partition on the terrace

Long-legged cabinet

Cabinet with mirror in the bathroom

Bathroom cabinet with mirror

Wardrobes with timber frame front construction

Magazine decor school do it yourself

For schoolchildren and preschool children (table, bench and two chairs)

Hose on. wheels (hose trolley)

Hose underground and on wheels

Grinding table - drill stand

Grinding table for drilling machine

Grinding joints with a mustache

Tapestries with drinkers (three designs of bird drinkers)

Tripod head for panoramic photography

Plastering wooden walls

Cover screws - for attaching the handle to the hammer

We sew. good mood furniture (whatnot)

Brushes for the generator from the electrodes of element 373

Shield and sword for the little warrior

Hey, on the vessel! (figure toy)

Exotic berries and fruits

Ecoboxes (boxes for garbage)

Ecowool - a unique insulation

Saving energy by wiping dust

Economical GROHE TurboStat

Economical, self-contained (homemade shower)

Save heat in your apartment

Experiments with an old chest of drawers (retrofitting)

Operation and modernization of the Kuznetsov furnace

Express coffee in the car

Extravagant copper hanger

Extravagant, but beautiful (cabinet for electronic equipment)

Elegant and practical (hanger)

Elegant wall clock

Elegant pine sideboard

Electric cover (signaling device for entering the garage)

Electric fan in the cooling system of Moskvich M-412

Electric heater for garage

electric underfloor heating

Electro-Friendship (replacement of a gasoline engine with an electric one)

Electric arc heats metal (device for local heating of metal)

Car battery electrolyte

Electric jigsaws, they are also jigsaws

Electromagnets for the Christmas tree

Electronic hen (the simplest temperature controller for a home incubator)

Animation photo platform electric drive

Wiring in a country house

Electric welding (from LATR)

Electric dryer for mushrooms

Electric milling cutter (walk-behind tractor with electric drive)

Energy of the earth: heat pumps

Ergonomics is the science of being comfortable (how to make a table, chair and chair with ergonomics in mind)

Airlift (water extraction to the surface)

Threaded rod shelf

These familiar unfamiliar windows

You can do that! (tips for home craftsmen)

This craft can feed. (making ships in bottles)

Eh, I'll ride (tractor toy)

I drank birch sap in the spring forest. (harvesting birch sap)

I always carry with me. Charger!

I'm lying in the sun. (garden couch with side table)

Watch the video: How to make childrens a swing set.

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